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My oh so wonderful former navel piercing

A little over a year ago, I went with a friend to the Palisades Mall. I had been wanting to get my navel pierced for years. Part of it stemmed from my former Britney Spears fan-status. But as I grew older and outgrew her genre of music, I grew to love body mod and piercings. So my need to have it done was there for a long time.

My only problem that I had run across was the price. Pretty much everywhere that I had gone wanted $60-$80 for the piercing, which was a little out of my price range. But now I understand that sometimes you have to be willing to pay that high fee to have something done properly. My friend that I was with had hers done for $35 at a local shop, and I thought about going there, but never really had the time.

So as we were walking through the Palisades, we happened to come across this store that, I think, was called The Wall. Or it could have been called something close to that. It caught my eye because of the merchandise they sold, so we went in. As we were browsing through there, one of the cashiers at the counter asked if any of us would like a piercing. Come to find out, they were a "licensed" piercing parlor as well.

I contemplated it, and eventually my friend convinced me that it was "now or never." So I asked him how much it cost, and I think he told me it was $45. Then he said that he'd give me half-off of the price if I bought something from the store. So, I purchased a CBGB shirt.

I filled out the paperwork, and the guy made a copy of my license. Then it came time to pick out the piercing jewelry. Now, my friend that had hers done had it pierced with a hoop. I knew there was a higher chance of it being bumped on objects and getting infected due to it, but it was way easier to clean and healed a little easier because of it. So I picked out a nice hoop. All of a sudden the guy started putting the hoop back and pulled out a little barbell instead. I told him repeatedly that I wanted a hoop, and I told him why. He just gave me a little bit of an attitude.

We finally went into the back piercing room and waited for the guy to come back there. After a few minutes, he finally appeared and began to mark where it was to be done and started to get the clamp, needle, and jewelry ready. But...he was still determined to pierce with the barbell. He had that barbell all sterilized and ready to go, while my hoop was put back in the container out front. So I finally laid my foot down and told him that it was my body being pierced, therefore it was my decision as to what was put in it. After he complained and got snotty a little more, he finally gave up and got the hoop ready.

He pierced it, and it hurt a little. Then he got the hoop ready to be threaded through the hole. He got it in, but then as he was trying to pry it back into place and put the captive bead in, he started purposely tugging on the hoop. Needless to say, it hurt like hell. But then he got it right, and started to clean it with a q-tip. As he was cleaning it, he was literally digging the q-tip into the piercing to clean it, which I don't really think was necessary. But then I paid ($30 extra for the cleaning supplies...got ripped off) and left.

I went back with my friend to her house so she could help me clean it since it was very tender from the tugging. It was bleeding pretty badly, which I 100% believe was from him tugging the jewelry and digging it with the q-tip. We got it to stop after 15 minutes.

I had the jewelry in for a little over a month. Never bumped it or snagged it. I had to take it out because I found out that I was actually a few weeks pregnant when I had it done. I figured instead of keeping it in to where the hole is going to stretch, I'd just have it done again after having my child. I've heard stories about pregnant women leaving their navel rings in while they were pregnant and having the holes and the skin around it look like a raisin from the stretching.

The skin around mine now has a brown shade around the closed-up hole. It shouldn't be brown. And where the needle had gone through, the skin is now bubbled out. It's like you can see and feel where exactly the needle passed through. In my opinion, I think he did it too far out. And I know that some of that guy's actions that he had that day were just from spite because I wanted the hoop instead of the barbell. A little immature.

So, the moral of this story. As I said before, if you want a piercing done the right way and in a professional manner, pay the extra little bit of cash...and don't do it in the mall. That should have been my first clue right there.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: some+asshole
Studio: Palisades+Mall
Location: New+York

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