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D.I.Y. Navel piercing failed

Well for starters I'm 13 and I know it was stupid to do a D.I.Y. piercing. But I was 12 and really wanted to re pierce my belly button. Because last time barbell was to short T_T. anyhow fast forward 2 months. I was happily typing to my friend Emily, and it came to mind when I was about to go to sleep that hey maybe I should pierce my navel.

So I grabbed an earring (stupid I know). And walked into the bathroom. I quickly sterilized the earring by grabbing bar of Irish spring soap, and washing the earring after carefully soaking it with soap. And started piercing it slowly. I started have tears go down my eyes cause I went to quick. And as it hit the last layer I was in pain because I didn't ice, hence the fact that my dad was in living room when I was in bathroom which is near the bathroom almost.

Anyhow I finally pushed it through and I was happy. I grabbed the end of the earring and put it together with jewelry in my navel. All was well at least I assumed it was. I fell asleep with myself lying on my stomach didn't hurt which was shocking.

I went to school and it kept rubbing up against my shirt (stupid school makes us wear collared shirts). Anyhow I went into bathroom and I noticed that the earring was sinking into the hole.Oh so smart of me to push the jewelry up to top hole so wouldn't close up. I noticed that there was gooey stuff on top of it which scared me a little.

So I went to next class and my friend who is piercing freak like me decided to look at it. And said Jess your piercing is going green. And I'm like yeah right and I look sure as hell it was! I went through the school all was fine until I was at home and was at moms house (parents are spilt up). And I noticed that the bottom earring thingy was gone.

I asked my mom who I hate a lot if she had a back for an earring, and she gave me one. I went into bathroom and once again I made oh such a smart move! I noticed the bottom hole was closed up. And if should know what I did. I started pushing the earring through and I didn't feel that much pain as it re pierced through the raw part. I put the new ending on it. And noticed that it sounded like there was something stuck inside the hole.

I went home and washed it with bar of soap again like I normally did 2 times a day. I almost gasped in pain as I twisted the earring. Sure enough it started to have clear gunk flowing out. I don't know why to this day why I didn't just take it out when I should've. But like I said I was 12. So anyhow I waited for 3 weeks and by that time the earring was rejecting out and I heard disgusting noises from pushing the earring up.

So I went into bathroom with a barbell my brother's friend gave me for it. And was waiting for pain and actually it went in like ear piercing. I walked around happily proud to know I had a piercing that didn't reject it. Until I noticed that it was acting disgusting. 2 weeks later I noticed yellow crust growing around it. So I asked my other brother Steven if it was infected, and he said yes. So I got my dad's girl friend to take me to wal-mart and get some saltine water for it. If got any questions just ask!

But no she said hand sanitizer would be best. Because she has hers done to. I got it and started putting it on it. And the yellow crust went away. But slowly the skin starting to go away to. I asked my gay guy friend if his did that. And he said yes because his did that to. So stupid I went along with his advice, and I kept it in.

Next smart move I did was go in gym and horse play with friend and her fist hit my barbell and rip the skin. I gasped in pain and put a small hoop ring from normal clip on ring for it so skin would heal.

The skin healed up fine until I pushed a new barbell in smart I know right?

And that's when it started to reject again. I forgot to throw away the alcohol smelling cotton balls, and my dad asked what they were for, and he noticed the piercing when I showed him it by force. And he was cool with it. Until he noticed that the skin was going away.

So basically the skin was gone and I woke up to see yellow crust on the barbell and the dead cells of skin on it. So let's just say if you go to D.I.Y. make sure you have a barbell and a hallow needle! DON'T D.I.Y. unless your positive that you know what your doing. I could've gotten an infection but I didn't not everyone can not die from it like me. For after care just get some saltline water or use a bar of soap for it like me. So good luck and happy piercings!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Me
Studio: My+bathroom
Location: In+my+bathroom

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