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I love my navel piercing.

Alright so my little piercing adventure starts out with my sister having got her navel pierced around 4 years ago, and I loved it on her. Since then I've always wanted my navel pierced, so when I got to the age she was at, which was 16, my parents finally allowed me to get mine done! This actually surprised me to say the least because I had to beg my mom. So anyway, it was about a week ago that I had run the idea of my mom saying I could get my navel pierced by my dad, and he right away said that I could get it pierced, all I needed was to find a place, and that wasn't hard to find. I called up a local piercing store Platinum Piercing, and asked them what I would need to get my navel piercing since I was 16 (a minor) and I just needed a parent and my birth certificate with my I.D.

After I found my birth certificate my dad and I headed off to the store, and I was really exited seeing that it would be my first body piercing. I was also a little nervous thinking that something would go wrong like the needle being hard to get through. But that turned out to be all non-sense! When we got there I looked around and it was very clean and professional, though we had to wait a couple of minutes to be helped. My piercer (Mingo) came up behind the desk and gave us paperwork to fill out and the payment for the piercing, which was way cheaper than I expected. He had then gave me a few sheets on how to properly clean my piercing and explained what to do to clean it to me, also he joked about how if I forgot how to clean it after he finished piercing my navel from my mind being in a different place he would explain it to me again.

I laughed and soon after we all headed back to the piercing room, where Mingo pointed out to me all the pretty barbells to choose from and I picked out a pretty light blue gem. He then put on gloves and put the jewelry in a sterilization fluid, and told me to pull up my shirt to show my belly button. We started having a light conversation so I wouldn't be so nervous. After he was done prepping for the piercing he told me to stand up in front of the chair and he cleaned my navel and around it and marked me for the new piercing. After that he told me to lie back in the chair and he got his clamps and put them in place, which did feel uncomfortable, and then without saying anything he started piercing my belly button. I think when he was about halfway done I was trying my hardest not to feel the pain, so I tensed up and he told me to relax because it makes the needle harder to pierce the skin. So I did and he got the needle through and started putting the jewelry in. And while he was putting the jewelry in I moved a little and it was right in the middle of him inserting it, and so we laughed a little because it threw him off but he got it in which hurt a bit. Once he started screwing in the ball I felt better knowing it all went well and it was done.

I was so happy I got right up and looked in the mirror at my navel. It was a little red, not swollen at all and looked amazing! I was so happy I thanked him and my dad and I started walking out of the room, and then I started to feel the pain, which was a bit of a downer because I was so exited about having it finally pierced after waiting for FOUR YEARS! The pain afterwards was expected though seeing it only is a piercing! I turned right to my dad with my shirt still folded halfway up and said to him, " It's so pretty! ", and i think he was a little amazed about it too! So for a few hours after it was done I was in pain, but then all the sudden the pain went away and there was only a little redness.

For the past week since I've had it pierced I've just been cleaning my piercing twice a day, I'm doing sea salt soaks twice a day and also cleaning it with antibacterial soap twice a day. So far it still looks great and I am hoping it won't get infected! The pain isn't bad at all, and it only hurts if I lay directly on it or bend down. I'm not really planning on doing anymore body piercing other than maybe my tongue, which is a totally different story, so I'm just going to enjoy and love my new navel piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Mingo
Studio: Platinum+Tattoos+%26+Piercing
Location: San+Antonio%2C+Tx

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