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The Middle of the Line

I had been talking about getting my navel done for a while. I wanted the pretty jewels I saws so many girls with. I even slimmed down and partially toned my body to get ready for the piercing I swore I would get.

I was about 16 or so and had been on vacation with my grandparents when I noticed how pretty navel piercings were and I wanted one. I wasn't old enough so I had to hold on to my dream. My senior year started that fall and my boyfriend at the time, told me I should get my tongue pierced. He had his done and I absolutely loved it. I was working at a supermarket at home and decided to use one o f my checks to get it done.

But this isn't about my tongue piercing. Long story short, about three weeks after my 17th birthday I got my tongue pierced, over a year before my navel. Back to the navel, I came home from college for spring break and I told my roommates I was going to get my belly button pierced. I went home and couldn't wait. After years of doing the research, I knew what to expect, what to look out for and what to avoid. I was hyped.

It was a chilly Monday on March and I was determined to get my belly ring. I picked this particular time because I'd be able to wear my midriffs and crop tops this summer and flaunt my new piercing. I was wearing a tight tank that stop well above my navel and a loose hoodie. (It was chilly). I knew where I wanted to go and how much it cost. I pretty much ran up the stairs to the 3rd floor. I was on the same adrenaline that accompanied me with the tongue ring. I got to the studio, and smiled, out of breath.

I told the guy behind the desk that I wanted my navel pierced. He asked me for proof of age, and I gave him my license. He scanned it and asked me to sign and initial the paperwork. I read and agreed and signed the lines. I was buzzing, so antsy I couldn't wait. They pulled the jewelry out; it was wrapped in its own plastic sleeve. Then I stepped through a door and it looked totally different from the out side. It was very clean and everything was in its place. The outside looked a bit shady. I was put at ease after the one over of the place.

He asked me to unzip my hoodie and I did he cleaned the area and marked it with a few dots. He opened a drawer and pulled out some clamps... I was familiar with them from the tongue piercing. A new needle was also retrieved it too had its own sleeve, he autoclaved the clamps and got me ready to be pierced. He was cool, we talked the whole time. After the clamps were done, he asked me to stand straight up and breath easy. I was breathless with excitement.

I looked and watch as he clamped the area and then pushed the needle through. I wasn't expecting pain, but I was hit with a wave of pressure and all I could say was "OH" and watch in amazement. Instinctively I touched right about my belly and he told me to relax I was, I was just excited. It took a few times and reminding to get me to move my hand. I wasn't afraid I was just overly excited. He unwrapped my jewelry and pushed it through this was a bit painful, and even more so when he screwed the other end on.

That was it I was done. I was elated. I went back out into the shady looking area and looked at me belly in the wall of mirrors. I was too excited. I zipped up my hoodie and made my way out after paying the other guy and buying Xpressions aftercare spray. I was excited. Bounding down the stairs and into the chill I couldn't wait to show my friends. One of my older friends told me the sexiest thing a female could have other than a tongue ring is a belly button piercing. I told him, "Now I'm doubly sexy cuz I got both.

It's about a month later and I'm already making plans to complete the line of piercings I have. I've got a tongue ring, a beautiful navel ring, and my next work of art is a vertical clitoral hood. I've already done my homework and I hope to have it by age 22... I've got a few years but I'm sure it will be worth the wait. I'm addicted to this... but after my VCH I'm going to start my tat which will need to get done in 2 parts. Look for my story and pics on BMEink in a few.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: I+don%27t+remember+his+name
Studio: Third+floor
Location: Broad+%26+Market+Newark+NJ

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