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Second time going

I had always been excited to get my belly button pierced, but mum wouldn't let me. Finally when I was 16 she let me do it.

I entered the studio and it was clean and professional. My piercer asked me to lay on the table and she cleaned and marked the area and then proceeded to pierce my navel. The pain was as expected, and I found it virtually painless. She gave me a sheet of paper on aftercare and I was ready to go.

When I got home, I was sitting down and when I stood up I felt my top unstick. I lifted it up and my belly button had been bleeding quite a bit and I almost fainted.

I did aftercare for only a few weeks and I changed my barbell after just a few weeks too, which was a big mistake. I didn't change it because I was stupid, I changed it because my piercing was pierced funny and stuck up at the end and I figured if I put something that dangled in there it would weigh it down and make it look normal. My mistake was that this barbell was a lot smaller than the original causing it to reject out. My piercing never migrated completely, but after about 3 mm of skin was remaining I admitted defeat and took out the piercing. I was upset about this and I did somewhat regret getting it pierced as I use to have such a nice stomach and now it had a very ugly raised white scar on it. Though it had rejected a lot, it did seem fully healed and clean so it wasn't an issue to remove the piercing and have the infection "trapped" under the skin. I didn't notice that it had rejected until one day I happened to notice there was a very decreased amount of skin remaining. I gave it over a year to heal and decided to get it re done. I didn't have any intentions of getting it re done until someone said I should. No one had every warned me that it could reject and migrate and I still to this day do not know anyone else who had to retire their piercing because of migrating, and my friends who got theres done around me healed fine which made me feel a bit annoyed and thinking "why me"

I went to the same place, and went through the same procedure. Because of my build up of scar tissue, the needle was VERY hard to get through and the piercer even wanted to stop but I told her to keep going. She claimed this to be her worst piercing experience ever.

I continued with my aftercare and all was going to well until one night when I was wearing a belt around my middle. This must have pushed on the piercing and it made it very sore. The piercing seemed to go downhill from there so I have now continued my after care and I think its on the road to recovery. It does seem to have migrated one or two mm but I think this is just normal with many navel piercings. The piercing doesn't look infected to look at, but it has a purple mark that sometimes gets a bit pussy and dry. I am hoping that this one doesn't reject out because I will be left with a very nasty scar. It still has a good amount of skin that it is pierced through but it does seem somewhat flimsy and the piercing always moves to the side for some reason but I think if it does manage to heal it will look fine. I have been using an anti bacterial soap in the shower and then dry the piercing and sea salt soak it for about fifteen minutes twice a day. The piercing has it days, but it does seem to be struggling to heal but Im keeping a close eye on whether it is migrating by looking at the scar from last time where I took it out and if it reaches that I think I will admit defeat yet again and no doubt get it done yet again! Which I can imagine to be soo painful with all the scar tissue around the piercing from being pierced again! I

I learned my lesson the hard way and I hope I don't have to learn it again, so others reading this don't be silly and do your after care! It is vital for the healing procedure and it honestly makes a world of distance so never give up on it until you are sure, and a piercer is sure that the piercing is fully healed and after care is not needed and remember navels can take up to a year to heal so don't be stupid and change it too early!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Sam
Studio: Price+Cutters
Location: Australia

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