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my navel - stab of interest

Well - I got my navel piercing done two days ago at the Steel Paintbrush Studio in Durham. I had wanted it since I was around nine years old and I specifically remembering bargaining with my parents about getting it done. They had told me that, if I still wanted it done when I was sixteen then I could have it done. I begrudged them for the amount of time I had to wait, but I suppose I respect that they were not going to let their ten year old daughter get a hole through her stomach! Back to the point, I had spoken to the piercer (Kim) previously online so I felt comfortable going in to the Steel Paintbrush and talking to the people working there etc. Originally had to take my mum with me in order to authorise it since I had no I.D, which made me feel a little young, but I knew I was ready for the piercing.

The main thing that had put me off was the fear of pain. Everyone says it doesn't hurt, but I'm a real chicken when it comes to pain, even if it is just momentary. I had spoken to Kim about this previously and she had assured me that it would be worth it so I went after college.

I went in and everything looked clean and amazing flash art covered the walls. I sat and waited for a moment, filling out the forms and talking to the two people in the studio whilst Kim finished her fruit salad before taking me up to the room. She sat me on the table and spoke to me, knowing that it was my first time for a body piercing (I've only had my ears done before). By this time I as shaking because I was so nervous. I knew I wanted it, there was no doubt, just fear. I spoke to her about my old cartilage ear piercing that had healed and she offered to check that they had healed correctly (I had stupidly had them done with a gun) and she said there was no major damage and it had healed well.

Kim spoke me through everything as she was doing it and setting out the tools and I picked out a titanium piece for my navel while she sorted everything out. She made a "lip" above my navel, since I didn't have much to pierce beforehand and clamped it, checking the placement with me and checking for nerves or small vessels with a small white torch. I laid down on the bench, completely nervous, though looking forward to the piercing. She told me what she was doing and I saw the needle being unwrapped which only heightened my apprehension. She told me to breathe in deep and as I breathed out she pushed the needle in. I am a wimp and it felt like the pain lasted for minutes! She found it difficult to push the needle through my skin to make the exit hole, for want of a better term, and I just remember clasping my shirt thinking "let this be over soon". The needle was through pretty soon but then she took the jewellery and told me that it would feel tight as she placed the jewellery. I felt a little discomfort and then a horribly tight feeling in my stomach. After that, she screwed the ends on, tightening them and then told me I could pop up and have a look in the mirror. I was shaking, but very happy. She took me downstairs where I was requested to "show us" by my mum. She grinned at me and I grinned back as I handed over the money. Kim explained the aftercare to me and gave me a sheet explaining what I should do if anything should happen. I'm glad I have the sheet now because I feared my excitement would blur my attention to the aftercare.

It had hurt and it still does a little now, but I knew it was worth it. I love it now and though I don't play with it I can stand for ages before a mirror just staring at it. When I get any more piercing done I definitely plan on going to the Steel Paintbrush to Kim. I felt guilty not being able to tip her because I had no more than the money I gave for the actual piercing; she did a great job and I was grateful that she was nice to talk to and comforting. Then again, I plan to get my tongue done in a few months, so I intend to make the tip extra large to thank her twice over for her wonderful work.

Anyone thinking of getting their navel done should, because whether you can stand pain or you cant, either way the pain will be over in seconds and you will have a beautiful bejewelled stomach!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: kim
Studio: steelpaintbrush+studio
Location: durham+-+NE+england

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