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My navel is pierced -- booyah!

Hey everybody!

The decision to get my navel pierced was actually made in the spur of the moment... Last week I had my tragus pierced, and because it was so easy and painless I started thinking about other possible places to get pierced. When I was 16 I wanted a labret piercing more than anything in the whole wide world, but nowadays I am happy I didn't go thru with my plans... Facial piercings can be gorgeous, but I am afraid for scarring after it's taken out.

So today I decided to get my navel pierced, since it's not visible all the time, and I think it has something sexy to it as well, which is always a plus! I went to a studio in Brussels that I knew of already, and I checked out their website the night before. The studio was clean, the decoration wasn't anything special but that's of course not why you go to a piercing studio... I told them what I came in for, and after a quick look at my belly button they let me pick out the jewelry. I decided to go with a barbell, since I like those best for a navel piercing. Rings aren't my thing, and I'm afraid I'll get stuck on something easier with one of those. A barbell it was, with two little white rhinestones in it. Looks good if you're tan :)

I had to wait for about three minutes, and then the piercer came downstairs and told me he was ready. I followed him upstairs, and my friend went with me. They had me lying down on a comfortable bed, and the place was totally clean. The guy wasn't that talkative, but he was trying to calm me down... I was feeling kinda nervous and was moving my hands all of the time... He told me to relax, and then placed two little dots on my tummy. He didn't ask me to check it out, but I assumed he knew what he was doing so what the hell! Then he plut the clamp on my navel, which I couldn't even feel that much and then came the needle... My friend was trying to get my attention by talking to me, but that little scheme didn't quite work :) I did feel the needle go thru my skin but it's just one or two seconds, and it doesn't hurt that bad at all. You can kinda compare it to a little pinch. After that he put in the jewelry, screwed in the ball et voilà ... All done!

Then he put a band-aid on it, and told me to leave it there for about five hours. Since then I haven't taken it off, it's now been seven hours ... I had a quick peep at it a while ago, and the piercing looks absolutely fine! A little blood on the band-aid, but nothing major, it doesn't even look swollen. I love it, it looks like I wante it to look: sexy but not too noticeable. I paid about 45 euros, and it was absolutely worth it!

If you are thinking about getting one, you really shouldn't hold out because of the pain you're expecting... Peanuts! It doesn't hurt at all, and even in the hours after I got it done I could move around perfectly. Sometimes it stings, but nothing major... Hopefully it will still feel and look the same tomorrow! GO FOR IT!

Aftercare includes washing it twice a day in the shower, plus putting on a spray four times a day. I am planning to stick to the plan, because I want it to heal asap. I'm afraid it will get infected, but the guy told me that if I follow the instructions I should be okay. I guess I'll trust him for now :) I thought it would be a huge deal, but it's actually not. The piercing fits in, and feels like it's always been there. Sitting, moving, etc doesn't hurt so I guess sleeping won't either. Just not lay on your tummy....

I can't wait until it's summer, and I can show it off with bathing suits and everything. I read online that you should wait two to three months before swimming in pools, but my piercer told me that it's already cool if you wait a few days... I'm not too sure about that! I don't want to question his knowledge&experience, but I think I'll wait a little longer. Better be safe than sorry!

That's all there is to it -- a little pinch, and taking good care of it later on! I hope I can wear this piercing for a looong time because I absolutely love it! Good luck if you are thinking of getting one, I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: Ritual+Piercing%26Tattoo
Location: Brussels%2C+Belgium

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