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Inverse navels on a sunny spring day

I have a list. I'm sure you all know exactly what I mean.. the big list of all the piercings and tattoos and other mods that you'd love to have someday. The list never gets shorter.. not because you're not getting modded, but because you're constantly adding to it.

It'd been three months since my last piercings, so I took out my list and looked it over. Venoms? No, I've got school. Tattoo? I should have made an appointment months ago. Inverse navels? Sounds awesome! So I grabbed my phone and called up Dr. Jack's Ink Emporium, making an appointment with Monte for opening the following day.

I convinced my boyfriend to take me to Omaha on our way up to Blair. As always, we got lost on our way to the Millard location of the shop, but we left with ample time and actually got there early. It was absolutely beautiful outside that day.. spring had just come to the Midwest, and the sun was shining bright and golden. We sat around outside and talked to the tattooists while Monte got everything set up.

Finally he called us in, and I gave him my ID to scan. After all the paperwork was out of the way, we went back to the piercing room and I sat down on the dentist-esque medical chair. Monte pinched the skin around my navel, to make sure that I had enough skin for the inverse navels. He went to wash up again and his apprentice, whose name escapes me at the moment, marked me up. Monte came back and checked on the marks.. they were a little too close to the rim of my navel, so he moved them down. I walked over to the mirror and took a look at them - perfect.

I came back and lay down on the chair. Monte let his apprentice clamp the piercing site, as well, which took awhile since he was so new. Monte and I talked about Dr. Jack's.. the manager was promising to buy all the tattoo staff new guns if they made a certain sales goal by the end of the week. The new Bellevue store was opening on Monday, and Monte was going to be general manager. Finally, the apprentice had the clamps on right. Monte walked over to my side, ready to pierce. I didn't look at the needle.. I looked while getting my nipples done, and it scared me to death! So I decided not to psych myself out. Deep breath in, deep breath out, and a dull pain.. the first one was done. The process was repeated for the second one, including the long wait for the clamps. The pain of the needle was a lot sharper the second time around, which I had expected.. it was that way when I had my snakebites done, as well. My boyfriend got a funny look on his face, and I guessed that I was probably bleeding.. he doesn't like to see me in pain. Monte guided the jewelry through, fiddled with the balls for a bit, wiped me off, and I was done! I quickly hopped up to see my new tummy-bling. There they were.. four new little balls glittering up at me. My boyfriend gave me a quick approval-nod. I was hopelessly in love.

I skipped out to the counter where Monte rang me up. With H2Ocean and a nice tip, the total came to $100.. pretty expensive, but worth every penny. We stood around and talked for a bit, but he was having a busy day and had to get back to his other customers. I was going to see my parents that day, so I called and let them know that I was on my way, and we left the shop.

It probably wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done to get these right before going to my parent's. I have three little brothers, two of them aged six and eight.. not exactly ideal post-piercing buddies. Fortunately, even after a day of rough-housing and chasing two little boys around, my piercings were doing fine. I had to be very careful and guard my tummy, but everything turned out okay!

In the days following, I remembered why I always waited so long between piercings. Getting something new done makes all of my old piercings act up, no matter how old they are. Even my first navel, which has been healed for at least two years now, was grumpy and red. Add that to renewed pain from my nipple piercings, and I was pretty snappy the day after getting my inverse navels. Fortunately, if past experience is any guide, most of my piercings will settle down within the week and my body can get to the business of healing these new additions.

Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Monte
Studio: Dr.+Jack%27s+Ink+Emporium
Location: Omaha%2C+NE

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