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It was Easter and my friend and I were talking about how we wanted to get our belly buttons pierced together. We were like why don't we just ask to go now since cheerleading season is done. We asked our other friend where she got it done and told us Dr. B. She was not the only person that recommended Dr. B to us. Knowing that more then one person recommended him made me happy to know. So I thought he must be good and everything he used must be clean. We called to ask how much it was and if he can take us tomorrow. He told us it is 40 dollars and he can take us tomorrow. I didn't even ask my parents yet.... I have never even mentioned ever getting my belly button pierced .... it was just a random thing. My friends mom and dad said it was ok, so now all I have to do to make it final is to ask .. Of course my parents said no, so I had to beg. I kept asking and asking my mom and dad. I even wrote them a letter telling them I will be good, get good grades in school and I will take care of it and never get an infection. My dad said as long as I will take the pain it is fine by him.... but I still had to convince my mom. So what I did was I had my dad tell her to take us. After having my dad convince my mom she finally said yes.... even though she really didn't want me to.

It was now the day after Easter and it was time to finally get our belly buttons pierced and we were so excited. So my friend, her mom, her sister, my mom and I all went to Dr. B's studio. We pull up thinking about what it was going to be like inside and who is going to be the one doing the piercing. When we get in we saw this guy with no piercing, no tattoos, and long curly hair. I was thinking if he is a piercing artist then why doesn't he have any piercing of his own? My friend went first, so I got to watch everything he did. He took everything out of bags all brand new and clean. He asked what color we wanted and we both picked clear. First he drew the dots so he knows where to put the needle. Then he lies you down and clamps you so you don't feel the pain as much. He pushes the needle through and doesn't take it out till he has the ring ready to go in. After she was done she said it was worth it so I didn't back out and after he put the dots on I lied down. I had to push my knees up to get enough skin because he almost couldn't pierce it. After he clamped it I didn't know if he was done or not. The pain wasn't as bad as I expected. It was a quick and easy process. When my friend and I left we were so happy !! We could not believe we really had a hole in our stomach. We thought we were just dreaming. When I first got it done I couldn't sleep on it and I was too scared to touch it a lot. But finally after a few weeks it was better and didn't hurt at all. It has been a year now and I have not had an infections and I have changed it and taken it out and it was perfectly fine. In about a week or two I will be going back to get my industrial done while my friend gets her belly button done. We are both very excited !!! I am a little scared though. I have heard the industrial hurts. But I think with the clamp it might be already and I trust I will not get any infections or anything.

It was the best unexpected thing I have done. Anyone that wants their belly button pierced, but are scared of the pain.... let me tell you, the most painful thing is the clamp and it is for like 2 seconds .... I would definitely recommend going to Dr. B's. He was very good, he was professional, and everything was clean. Not only that, also he is not expensive. When I got my belly button pierced and a belly button ring, I expected it to be more then 40 dollars. All I know is when ever I want to get something pierced I will be going to Dr. B's and you should too.

Doctor B's is the place to go and get your piercing done !!!!

so call : (203) 4459580 or go to : 887 Main Street. Monroe, CT


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Dr.+B
Studio: Dr.+B%27s+Piercing
Location: Monroe%2C+CT

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