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Belly Button.

So for my best friend Daisys 15th birthday she wanted to get her belly button pierced and so did I. I just turned 14 in the very beginning of March, so we are both 14 right now. So my mom agreed to taking us, so she took us to get it done and she was thinking about getting her belly button pierced to. Daisy's birthday is on April 21st, but we did not want to wait so we got it done on March 27th.

So we drove to this place called "Another Dimension" and we told them we would like our belly buttons pierced. But the pierced came out and said they can not pierce anyone under the age of 15. So we left but then I remembered this place called "Cherry Bomb" right down the road from Another Dimension, so we went there and they said they could do it. But first we had to fill out the forms and get the papers notarized, so we left Cherry Bomb and had to go find a notary. We found an old lady and she was glad to do it for us, and she kept saying "tomato" and Daisy and I kept laughing at her, it was weird. And my mothers car did not start right away when we were leaving so that made us take even longer.

Then we drove all of the way back to Cherry Bomb and payed for everything, it was $40 per person to get our belly buttons pierced, so my mom payed $120. Then he told us to wait. We waited for about 5 minutes. Me and Daisy were very scared, so we were taking pictures to get our minds off of it. My mother was getting her belly button pierced to but she was not as nervous as we were.

Then the piercer atom came out, he was hot. And he said to come to the back room so we did. Then my mom got her belly button pierced first, and everything went okay. Then it was my turn, [Daisy wanted to go last] And he wiped my belly button with this weird stuff, then he marked it with his sharpie, and told me to lay down.

Then he put the clamps on and it only pinched a little and did not hurt that bad. Then he got the needle and said "Alright now take a deep breathe in," so I did, and he shoved the needle through and said "now breathe out" so I did. But that needle going through hurt so bad, I was holding Daisy's hand and I squeezed her so hard a q-tip. Then he told me to sit up slowly so I did, then he checked it out to make sure it was not crooked and everything. And he told me to look in the mirror and see if I liked it and was okay with it, I was happy. Except for the fact that I was all red, but thats only because i started to bleed, the redness went away as soon as we left. So I was okay with it.

Then it was Daisy's turn, he did the same procedures to her as he did to me and my mother. But it took him longer for her because she has a small belly button. He also had said that her belly buttons crooked so it took longer to find a right place to put it.

She was holding my hand to, but when he shoved that needle through, she cut the circulation off of my pointer finger, and she screamed. I think it hurt her really bad. Then he told her to stand up and she got a bit light-headed so she had to sit in the chair, and he went and grabbed a Dr. Pepper from the fridge to cool her down so she did not pass out or anything.

Then he told us how to clean it and everything. Wash it with a saline solution (the kind you use for contact lenses), and an anti-bacterial liquid soap. You wash it every chance you get during the day, wash it two times in the shower, wear loose clothing so it can breathe, and all that good stuff. It only takes four to six weeks to heal.

I am very glad I chose to get my belly button pierced, expecially at Cherry Bomb, the people are extremely nice and the piercer, Atom is very gentle and he is hot also, So thats a plus. The Cherry Bomb is also a clean place and they have new clamps and needles, and he showed us where he threw everything away and he showed us him opening brand new stuff every time he pierced each of us. So this place is very clean, and has great people. I would recommend this place to anyone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: atom
Studio: cherry+bomb
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