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a navel ring to start off the new year

Originally, I wanted to get a lip piercing for my Christmas gift, but I thought about the pros and cons. I didn't want a piercing that everyone would see and automatically judge me. So I didn't get it. Instead, I decided I wanted to get my navel pierced because it's kinda like a secret piercing. I kept bugging my mom to let me get my navel pierced until she finally relented.

I originally wanted to go to Prix but I wrote down the wrong directions and we couldn't find it. Then I suggested Anomaly but I didn't have the directions with me. My mom also found ways to keep putting it off.

I think it was New Year's Eve (or the day before New Year's Eve) that I finally got my navel pierced. My mom and I went out to buy lunch and we saw a tattoo/piercing parlor, so we decided to just go. I was eating McDonalds while my mom was trying to find parking. I finished and we went inside In the Skin Tattoo & Piercing. There was a bunch of tattoo designs on the wall and the tattoo artist was on the phone. The piercer, Andrew, was piercing someone else. We waited about 10-15 minutes, before he was done. The tattoo artist told us about the price and the rings, but he said he didn't know much. Then the piercer came out and he talked about the rings a little. He said that curved barbells were better because they healed straighter. I picked out a barbell with black gems in it and we went back into the piercing room.

He told me to lift my shirt and he marked the spots, then he told me to sit on the seat, which was kinda like the bed/seat in the doctor's office, except smaller. He cleaned and prepared all his equipment. He clamped my navel three times, while I was laying down, but he couldn't get it just right. So he asked me to sit up and he clamped down on my navel once again. I have to say, the clamped hurt quite a bit. Then he told me lie back down slowly. I was pretty nervous because it was my first piercing was getting my ears pierced, by a gun, two months three months prior. I took deep breaths and without warning, he pierced me. I remember a split second pain that made me gasp, but that's about it. The clamp hurt more because it felt like that part took forever. After he pierced me, he moved the needle to the end of one side, to get ready to put the barbell in. I shouldn't have looked because I saw a huge needle sticking out of my belly button. That part hurt a bit too. He finally put the barbell in and took a few minutes to screw the ball in. When he was down, I sat up and I saw how red the skin around my piercing was. The clamp had left a cut above the top hole. It looked pretty bad, and crooked, but I was so happy that I finally got it pierced.

The first three days, it was a little sore and hard to bend over. After a week, I didn't feel a thing. Only time I'd feel anything was when someone slapped me in my stomach or bumping into desks or counters.

Now, three months later, it's doing great. It didn't bleed or anything. Sometimes, it gets a little crusty [the white kind] but I hear that's normal. I wash it twice a day and I soak it in sea salt and water a few times a week, just to be cautious.

About a month after I got it, I regretted getting it because it was so... there. It really stood out. I missed having just flat abs because the ring called for attention. But now, I don't regret it because not a lot of people that I know have it and it's nice to have something that not a lot of people at my school have. It's also nice because no one expected me to get it because lip rings are more my style/look. It shows people that I'm not just this punk rocker chick, but I can also be girly and show off my navel ring in a bikini.

I just got my second ear piercing (double piercing). I think I might get my lip pierced soon, even if people judge me because once I'm older I won't be able to get them pierced. So might as well do it as a teenager, right? You only live once.

Everyone has a different reason for getting a navel ring. If you're thinking about getting a navel piercing, I'd say go for it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Andrew
Studio: In+the+Skin
Location: Pasadena%2C+CA

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