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A Merry Little Belly Button, Mark 2.

A few months ago, around November I believe, I posted an experience on here about the navel piercing I obtained in August 2006. This is a follow up story regarding the healing process. I know when I was researching my piercing, I wanted to know how the piercing healed, not how awesome it looked after four minutes. On with the show.

In my last experience, having had the piercing for three months, some account of healing was given. However, at that time, I hadn't experienced any problems.

Around the five month mark (some time when I came back to uni after Christmas), my oh-so-well-behaved navel got bored, and wanted to play.

The piercing had been healing with a 14g surgical steel BCR, you know the drill. There are some pictures floating around on here too, by the way, of my navel around the four month mark. Anyway. I noticed, one day (and apologies for vagueness but I really can't recall the exact events) that my navel seemed to be a bit redder around the lower hole. I was still doing sea salt soaks twice a day (I still am, and it's nearly at the six month mark – constant vigilance!) and assumed maybe it would go away. Interestingly, my first thought was that the disruption of moving back home (albeit only for three weeks), work and exams may be causing my little shiny friend to play up. This may have been the case, I will never really know. After a few days, I noticed the redness appeared to be turning into some kind of scar, a relatively small but still unpleasant red bump, and there was a little pussing involved you'll be thrilled to know. I dutifully did my research, and after initial panic regarding keloids, I came to the conclusion it was in fact hypertrophic scarring. So, I invested in some Tea Tree Oil, and applied it to the scar after salt soaks. It seemed to calm down a little, but it was still there.

Upon further research, I discovered that changing the jewellery may help. So, I bought a plain titanium 14g curved barbell, and a longer one just in case. Nervously, and after much obsessive cleaning, I successfully changed the ring. Charmingly, this jewellery change did seem to help the situation somewhat. I continued to clean the piercing, and now I am pleased to report the scarring is gone.

But. And yes, there is always a but.

Now, I have yet MORE scarring, this time on the lower hole, but towards the top of it. Oh yes. Another jewellery change I feel would be unwise, and probably pointless. I got lazy at the weekend and didn't clean as much, but we're back on track now. I was slightly more worried with the appearance of this scar, as I did not know what could be causing it, and still don't. However, I have been ill with a nasty coldy/flu-y affair since the weekend (hence slobby cleaning), also, the week before I came on my period after skipping a month for some reason. Perhaps these are the reasons, perhaps not.

A few weeks ago, I got an ear rim piercing in my left ear (another story for a different day), and am wondering if this could be the cause of my navel's indignance. However that piercing is doing fine and I see no reason to remove it.

So, on with the cleaning. Salt soaks and tea tree oil aplenty. I've heard tell that chamomile tea bag compresses and vitamin E oil help this kind of scarring, and who knows, maybe I'll give them a bash. As we speak it seems to be improving slightly; it looks to be at the stage that the other scar got to before it started to fade, so fingers crossed. The main problem I've got is not pain or pus, but rather the ball likes to get stuck on the scar should it choose to ooze some tasty lymph at me. Pleasant, I know, but nothing a good clean can't solve.

Update: It's now past the six month mark, and the navel is doing OK. I switched the curved barbell for a standard titanium navel bananabell, which seems to have helped as the bottom ball no longer rests on the scarring. My piercing still oozes occasionally, so I'm still cleaning it, but I've been able to relax it a little. The aforementioned ear piercing developed the dreaded Lump, but a bit of Tea Tree and that was gone. Now both piercings are doing fine, I expect they will be healed fully given time. I'm still not sure what caused them to play up, particularly the navel, but I read a story on here about someone's piercing going a bit odd because they had a serious infection. I've just had a bit of sinusitis, and I'm sure that didn't help. Once all my various ailments clear up I'm sure the piercings will be happy and full of life.

So, wish me and my navel well, we've come this far and I am determined not to lose it! Who knows, perhaps one day soon there will be a happy ending, posted on here for all to see.

Until then...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Navel Piercing

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