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After all the nervous moments before-hand, i got my belly button pierced!

I have wanted to get my belly button pierced since i was a little kid. I was one of those kids that bought fake belly button rings and thought I actually had it pierced. My mom is cool about piercings, unless they're ridiculous, so I knew she would let me get my belly button pierced. I am 13 years old, soon to be 14, which is a decent age for a belly button piercing. I was going to get my eyebrow pierced around Christmas time, but i decided that I didn't want it after all. I have been asking my mom for a few months when I was going to get it pierced, and she said before we go to Florida, which was in May. So, i asked her last week when i could get it done, because I knew it needed time to heal. She told me she needs to get the money first, and then we could go get it. I had off school on Friday, so we picked Friday as a perfect day to get it pierced. I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. I really wanted it, so I knew I wasn't going to chicken out, I knew it wasn't going to hurt that bad. The whole week I was looking at people's experiences with their belly button piercing, asking my friends who had it what it was like, and watching videos of it. I got a lot of different outlooks on it, either, it didn't hurt, it did, or just a little. Everyone has a different pain level, so I really just expected for the worse. At the beginning of the week, I was so excited, but towards the end, it turned to nervous. Very nervous. I have to admit, I'm a puss, and I didn't expect myself to be so brave about a needle going through my belly button.

After all my preparation and knowing to expect, Friday came before I knew it. I went for this piercing on Friday, March 30th. I was nervous all morning, but I knew i was ready for this piercing, since I wanted it for a long time. We left around 1:30ish, because the place I was planning on getting it pierced opened at 2:00. We picked up one of my best friends, Jess, because i wanted her by my side. We got to the parlor, Paradise Lost, and we went inside. They asked how old i was. They said they needed my birth certificate , and a photo I.D. of me, like a school I.D. We had to drive back to my house because we didn't know we would need that stuff, which took about a half an hour. We finally got back to Paradise Lost with my birth certificate and my school I.D. This time, I was finally ready to get it pierced. They got out a container organized with all different kinds of barbells, some just plain, some with diamonds, some with different colors, some small, and some large. I picked out one that is a turquoise color, it has two diamonds on it, one on the bottom ball and one on the top. Once I picked it out, the piercing was about to begin. Boy, was i scared!

We went to the piercing room, which was just a small room with a long chair that you laid  on, and all the tools and liquids needed. It was very sterile, which is why i was referred there because my brother's girlfriend got a piercing there and said it was very sterile. The piercer, who had many painful looking piercings himself, he was nice. First, he cleaned my belly button. I stood up straight while he was making the marks on my stomach with a thin sharpie. I was shaking so it was hard for him to make the mark, and he kept telling me to stand still. After many erasing and re-doing of the marks, he finally got the right mark. I laid down on the chair and closed my eyes right away, because I didn't want to see the needle. I don't mind needles, but I didn't want to see the needle that was going to go through my skin. I grabbed Jess's hand tightly as he clamped the marks he made. The clamps pinched, but it wasn't bad. Once he had the clamps in place, he told me to take a deep breath in, and then all i felt was a pinch. The needle going through my skin felt just like the clamps have felt. I said "Is the needle through yet?" I felt it going through, but i wasn't for sure. It didn't hurt at all! I was so surprised that it didn't hurt. Taking out the needle and putting the jewelry in hurt a little more. He put in the barbell then he was having a little trouble putting on the ball, but he got it. Then he cleaned it again he told me the procedures of how to clean it. He told me to clean it 3-6 times day, which i have been averaging on about 4 times a day. I use h2Ocean which i recommend, it works VERY well, much better than soap and water. It's a spray, and it makes the healing process faster. He told me i would probably need to stop down for more of it at a later time, because i would go through it. I was so excited that it was done, and it looked so cute. I couldn't stop looking at it. It was very sore when i got in the car, and for the rest of the night it was sore. Today, the day after i got it done, it's just a little sore when i bend over and such, but is bearable. Everything was so worth it, and i'm very glad i found a sterile place. I have been doing a good job cleaning it, and taking care of it. Last night, i went to a basketball game, and i saw a tiny bit of blood through my shirt, which was odd, because it didn't bleed when he pierced it, but it must have just rubbed onto my shirt. It was really sore at the basketball game, so i suggest if you get your belly button pierced, you take the rest of the night just to relax and lay down. Also, make sure the place you're going to is VERY, very sterile! Make sure he uses a new needle and clean clamps, and is wearing gloves. Make sure he cleans the jewelry and your belly button. I adore my belly button piercing, and I am so happy to have it now. If you are thinking about getting your belly button pierced, i say go for it. The pain is very limited, it's just a pinch, and it looks really good. Don't be too scared either, everyone has different pain levels, so just expe


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on: 11 April 2007
in Navel Piercing

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