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The Love of My Life

   When I was 13 or 14 I started seeing belly button piercings and all the cute rings and I fell in love!  When I talked to my mom I was 16 and I wanted it for my 17th birthday.  She said sure but when the subject was brought up to my dad he quickly shot down the idea of a piercing.  So I waited awhile and asked my mom again around winter break (December 2006). She said yes but we had to go behind my dad's back to get it.  That wouldn't be a problem for me cause I'm really sneaky. 

After several failed attempts because of the piercer not being in or him needing to be re-certified, we finally got to go Saturday, February 17, 2007 when my dad was gone to relative's house.  There are only 3 piercing shops in my town and Atomic is the cleanest, most credible, and closest to me.  We went in and the guy was scanning a tattoo for someone so I had to wait a few minutes.  I filled out the paperwork and handed over my ID, my mom's ID (since I'm only 17), and the paper I printed from their website and had notarized (also required since I am underage).  I was anxious and nervous and I started having second thoughts but then Ken called me into the back room. I stood up in front of him with my shirt up and he checked to see if my belly button was okay to pierce.  I don't have much skin but he said it would work.  He had me sit on the doctor-looking bench while he set out all the little sterile packages with the clamps, needle, etc...  He asked me if I wanted a bar or a ring and I chose the bar because it wouldn't stick out as much and be noticed by my dad.  I didn't want a jewel cause I'm not really a girly-girl and I like the look of shiny metal.   Then he cleaned by belly button with an alcohol wipe and marked a vertical line on the top part of my navel.  

He had me lay down on the bench again and clamped my belly button.  People say the clamp is the worst part but I couldn't even feel it.  Then I put my hand over my eyes and he pushed the needle through. I said "Ouch." under my breath. Honestly, it didn't hurt much at all.  Just a sharp pain for literally 2 seconds and then I felt nothing and it didn't bleed (although a lot of people's do).  I didn't even feel him put the barbell in .  It took him awhile to screw the top ball on but all I could feel was a little tugging. He was being very gentle.  Then the bad part began. I sat up and my vision went cloudy and I felt like I was going to faint.  I laid back down and Ken put a wet paper towel on my forehead.  I think it was a combination of nerves and adrenaline.  It's a good thing I had eaten before or I really would have passed out.  He gave me some cold water and that helped a lot.  I walked into the main part and paid him $40 and went outside and sat on a bench while my mom brought the car around. 

 It only hurt for 24 hours when I moved around. But the first night was murder.  I couldn't sleep on my side and it is impossible for me to sleep on my back so I ended up tossing and turning the whole night and not getting much sleep.   

This has been such an easy piercing for me.  During the first couple weeks I washed it twice a day with Dial soap and did a sea salt soak everyday.  Now I do one wash a day cause more than that makes the holes dry and flaky.  I do salt soaks whenever it gets irritated.  I also use vitamin E oil when it gets dry and that makes it feel so much better. 

I thought I was going to be bumping it a lot but surprisingly, I have only bumped it a few times and no damage was done.  I have promised to be patient and wait the proper amount of time (3 months) before I change the jewelry and go swimming.   

If you're wanting to get it done I suggest to wait and make sure you REALLY want it and in the mean time do lots of research. Go to a reputable, clean place, follow the piercers instructions religiously, never play with it, and wash your hands every time you touch it.  That will eliminate most of the chances of getting an infection.  All in all I would recommend this piercing to anyone.  




submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 March 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Ken
Studio: Atomic+Tattoo+%26+Piercing
Location: Brooksville%2C+Florida

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