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Piercing a friends navel.

Now, this isn't like the usual stories you read on here, but I felt it worth sharing.

About a week ago, my friend (let's call her Amy) told me she was going to pierce her navel with a safety pin. Of course I told her how incredibly stupid this was, and reeled off about a million reasons why not to do this, but she must be stupider than I thought, and refused to go to a professional. I thought about this in my own time, and decided that I would not let her do this; there were too many risks involved. So I floated the idea of me piercing her navel and she agreed to it. I myself am not a piercer, but do know more than most piercers in my area (which scares me greatly, as there are all these kids around here getting pierced by incompetent hacks), and I do have the correct equipment. Or at least I thought I had the correct equipment. My clamps seem to have gone walk-abouts, and if I took the time to order new ones, my friend would have gone ahead with piercing her own navel with a safety pin. I also knew the correct hygiene procedures, although they were not all practised in this instance. Either way, anything I did would have been a lot better than anything she would have done, with a lot less risk.

So I gathered up two 12 gauge needles, the second being in case the first got contaminated or the like (autoclaved), a 14 gauge belly bar (autoclaved), a box of dettol with some cotton pads, a box of 20 latex gloves (after verifying that she wasn't allergic to latex), cotton buds, a lube sachet, a couple of corks, and a small sachet of sea salt. I also wrote her a list of what to do and what not to do in the months following the piercing, although I doubt she'll follow this advice.

The next day on our lunch break we took my equipment along with a bottle of water outside to a secluded area where we wouldn't be interrupted. I know that piercing outside isn't the best idea, but it was better than doing it in the rather unhygienic bathroom. I ripped a sheet of paper from a book I had with me and set this on top of the book. I set out the equipment on the paper, leaving the jewellery and needles in their autoclave pouches. I put on a pair of gloves and got Amy to stand up so I could clean the area, then I measured and marked her up, pulling at the skin and getting her to twist from side to side to see how much her skin moves. It was then that I realised I'd forgotten my sharpie, so I had to use a ball point pen. I wiped off the first marks deciding they weren't exact, and marked her up again. I then got her to lye down on the wooden step and changed my gloves again. I opened the lube sachet and the needle and put a bit of lube on the 12 gauge needle. I was using a 12 gauge needle as they were blade needles and not catheter needles and using a 14 gauge needle I wouldn't have been able to thread the jewellery though.

I told her I was going to get her to breath in and out three times and pierce on the third. "Big breath in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Breath in, breathe out". On this last out I pushed the needle though, from the bottom to the top. However, I mustn't have used enough force and only the tip of the needle penetrated the top. I told Amy this and asked her to breathe again. She was really good about it, and resumed her deep breathing. On the third 'out', I gave the needle another push and it went though the top, exactly though the mark. I then grabbed the jewellery which I had taken out of the autoclave pouch and unscrewed the top ball at the same time as getting out the needle and lube. I threaded this into the needle and pulled the needle out, leaving the jewellery in Amy's navel. I then screwed on the top ball and changed my gloves. Amy asked me if I'd gotten the needle in and she looked down and was surprised to see that the jewellery was in. I dabbed at the spot of blood with a cotton bud and got her to sit up for a couple minutes before getting up. She took a look in her mirror and couldn't have been happier.

It was then that several girls that we know wandered over and as soon as they found out what had gone on (they guessed, as I'd pierced Amy's lip before, and done a good job if I may say so), started begging me to pierce them. No way was I going to do this, but it was nice to know that they thought I was good enough to be piercing them.

A week later and Amy's navel is doing well. I don't really like piercing others, but if it comes down to a safety pin or me, I think I'll be willing to make an exception.


submitted by: Habitual_Neurosis
on: 18 March 2007
in Navel Piercing

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