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A present to myself..

It was only yesterday that I was able to treat myself with two new piercings. I'd decided that it would be nice to give myself a present once I'd received my re-sit exam grades earlier in the week. I'd decided before hand that whether I'd improved or not, now was the time to mark the occasion. (As it went I actually got 100% marks on the paper taking my grade from a C to an A)

After moving to a new area of England only around a year and a half ago, I'd not found myself a piercer that I knew I'd want to return to yet but had looked into the local places.

I settled on Pulse in Northampton as I'd past the shop before and had been very impressed with what I've seen. My mind was completely settled after watching how the other customers were served, with all jewellery individually sealed and the receptionist explained to a worried father in the queue about how his daughter's jewellery would be cleaned in the alcove before being sterilised and then inserted.

The layout of the shop was cool to, different to any I've previously seen, with three booths running along the back wall.

I was so excited about having my new piercings that I'd been sweating profusely for about an hour and a half before..! Gross but true. I'd decided after intense research on navel piercings that I would like to have two at the top that meet to make a "V" shape. This research included looking through the picture gallery on BME along with reading dozens of articles about other people's experiences and also technical bits on chances of rejection and migration.

And when I shared my chosen piercing idea with the piercer Charlii, a very friendly and reassuring lady, she was pleased to hear I planned something other than the standard navel piercing. I chose not to have the standard as I'd had it 4 years ago and was a bit mortified when I discovered just how very popular it was, so I took it out. I was very young at the time but knew that I like to be individual and I saw this as a way of physically presenting that.

I was so pleased when I realised how precise she was with the markings she made before the piercing commenced. She showed me each set of dots with a mirror for me to check the positioning and adjusted them when she was not totally pleased about the positioning. She even used a ruler.

The actual procedure was fine, pain was noticeable at different points in the process but I was not overly bothered by it. I had decided before even going that I would definitely not be actually watching and so I lay back and kept my eyes and my mouth firmly closed. I didn't make a single squeak because I'm sure it would be off-putting for herself and also any other customers! I decided that I'd look after the first piercing was complete and I'm glad that I chose to because the happened I felt when I saw how cute it looked was overwhelming :] and I was then really excited to have the second completed so I could see that too.

I plan to return next weekend to watch my boyfriend get tattooed and then later in the year when I plan to get my own ink.

Today I am slightly bruised but very happy about the whole experience.

I don't expect people's reactions to always be positive... but I wanted this as an experience I could privately enjoy as I'm not particularly an exhibitionist. So far I've only showed a handful of people. And four of them were my boyfriend's family who pretty much demanded to see it. Just out of extreme curiosity. They made slightly pained facial reactions even though two of them have the standard themselves! They aren't particularly "straight laced" or negative about body modification. I just think they see me as being very sweet and uninterested in that kind of thing.

My family member will not be seeing. My parents would lecture me (for the third time) if they noticed another set of piercings, about how I'm mutilating myself. But I view it as enhancement of a body that I'm not always confidant with... My self confidence grows with the acts they view as being negative. I enjoy marking my independence as an individual. And so, I'll keep it to myself when it comes to them.

The only really "moral" or conclusion to my tale is that having a very clear idea of what you're looking for in a piercing and having a reassuring piercer are two essentials for everything to go smoothly :] I'm lucky enough to be able to say my new additions have put a real smile on my face.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 March 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Charlii
Studio: Pulse
Location: Northampton

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