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A navel piercing from heaven.

About 4 months ago on November 12th, I made my way on down to a quaint tattoo parlor in downtown Fredericksburg. Every year my parents have allowed me to get one piercing ever since I managed to convince them that piercings were a healthy obsession. Last year it was my snug, which I recently retired because it was thoroughly against the idea of healing. This time my dad accompanied me to get my navel pierced. I see navel piercings as somewhat of a gateway drug, so I thought it would be a good choice as an addition to my collection which includes a self-done 4ga. labia minora and two sets of lobe piercings at 0ga. and 6ga. 
I'd been to Sparkplug beforehand to scout it out, and my first impression was that the whole crew loved to make small-talk and seemed to be pretty ace modified guys. Each artist had his own room separated by curtains and the air was constantly filled with some variety of hardcore music. 
My piercer, Jeremy, took me on back into his alcove where I waited for him to prep everything. Honestly I would have preferred he explain to me what everything was, not because I didn't know, but because a walk-through definitely would have installed a healthy amount of confidence in my piercer. He made the marks and I laid down on the dental chair. After cleaning he clamped my navel and immediately began adjusting my skin with the clamps still tight, which became very painful, very quickly. Adjustments aside, the needle slipped easily through my skin and he finally removed the clamps much to my relief. I had been sneaking peeks every once in a while and couldn't resist seeing the needle sticking wickedly through my skin. Thankfully I've never had a problem with needles and never considered pain as a factor that I should worry about. After all, it only lasts a couple seconds, and that sacrifice is undeniably worth a brand new hole. My dad later told me the only reaction he saw was my right eye getting a little teary. 
The jewelry insertion was absolutely painless, in fact I barely knew it was happening. Jeremy used a 7/16 in., 14ga. CBR. Seconds later the ball was in place, he did a final cleaning, and I was done. The whole procedure was rather quick, he took longer getting everything ready than he took to use it. Before leaving his alcove he asked me where I got my plugs, which are Anatometal bling eyelets in sapphire, which made me even more happy-- who doesn't like it when their jewelry is noticed? 
I chose to wear a light shirt that day and was glad I did because it was very tender and the ring was a considerably large obstacle for a new piercing that early in the game.  
About 6 or 7 days later I decided to do a jewelry change. I was having absolutely no problems with the piercing and saw that there was room for my 12ga. titanium ring from BME (I didn't own any barbells at the time, which would have been better because there's less movement and doesn't protrude as much). The ring I had been pierced with was not the best quality, there were gaps between the ball and the ring and the polish was subpar. Using ring opening pliers I very carefully replaced the jewelry which went in perfectly.  
    Overall I don't think I'll return to Sparkplug, mostly because I have been hearing great things about and am largely impressed by the website of a parlor called Exposed Temptations in Manassas. I've also heard great things about Blue Horseshoe Tattoo(which has 11 tattoo artists!) in Virginia Beach, but they're a little too far away for my parents. 
To this day, 4 months later I have not had a single problem with my navel piercing. In fact I could lay on my stomach again with no irritation after about a month, and I lay on my stomach predominately when sleeping. It has healed wonderfully and without giving it any thought, I've bumped only a few times, none of which did any damage. As far as aftercare goes, I clean it with a gentle soap in the shower everyday. Less is more for me, I'm a big supporter of the "leave it the hell alone" tactic. From what I understand, navel piercings retain a bit of discoloration until very late in the healing. That has been true with me, but it has been gradually lessening and is almost invisible at this point. Right now I am wearing a  3/8 in., 12ga. titanium barbell from BodyArtForms.com which is gold with purple stripes. I couldn't be more happy with this piercing which is not from hell, like many of the horror stories here on BME, but from confidence heaven. 
This piercing has been practically an effortless experience and the couple seconds of pain was infinitely worth the metal I walked away with.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 March 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jeremy
Studio: Sparkplug
Location: Downtown+Fredericksburg%2C+VA

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