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The belly piercing I've always wanted

I've been thinking about getting a belly piercing but something has always been stopping me... like how I'm not sure if my parents will let me, my insecurities of my tummy as it is, not a very washboard type, in fact, far from it...and the pain. I've got 6 piercings actually, 3 on each ear. 2 cartilage and an earlobe on my left ear, 1 cartilage piercing and 2 earlobes on the other ear. All of them are done with piercing guns, I choose them despite how many times I've been told that piercing guns are not good or safe in many ways, I just love how quick it's done and that freezing-feel when they spray that thing to numb you. I've tried at-home piercing once, last year. Out of boredom, I just agree to it. I never actually thought what were the consequences as my maid did it and she said it did not hurt. My neighbour's maid did too, and she said it did not hurt as well, so I did it(my neighbour's maid was the piercer). It was very pain, even more pain then navel piercing... the needle took about 20mins to get through and in the end I just kind of forgot to put some stud back in after I took it out the hole closed...since then I've avoided using needle on the ear. My friend had a belly piercing, and she's the only one who has it(guess so) in my grade, it looked nice although hers migrated and it looks crooked. She done it last year...only 12 years old! Her sis brought her to pierce her belly as her birthday present, her sis has a belly piercing too. I've also been wanting to get tragus piercing but people who had it say it hurts...so I'm not very sure...and actually I've also wanted tongue piercing but dad says there's no way he's gonna let me have it cos it's related to oral sex, and he's scared of infection too, esp. when it's in the mouth/tongue area.

Back to belly piercing, sorry for the delay! So, actually, I wanted to get a belly piercing when I successfully shed some pounds...I'm not in a very healthy weight...few extra pounds. But the oppurtunity came, so I just decided to go with it. I'm going out with my friend to a mall(I knew there was a piercing shop there), who was, last time from my school...to catch up with each other and hang out. At first I did doubt if I could get a belly piercing because I heard that you would have to get your parents to come with you...some of them let you without parent's permission thou. So...after shopping some time...we came to the piercing shop! It looked kinda scary...it's the first time I've ever been into a piercing shop. There were photos of tattoos and piercing...and of course, people with tattoos and piercings. People with that kinda intimidates me...lol...There was a person with monroe and tongue piercing. I don't feel as much as getting a tongue piercing now. But if I got it I probably wouldn't regret it.

So I asked the person "can I get a belly piercing" the lady said "sure" then she asked a girl, she asked "you want belly piercing? how old are you?" I answered "thirteen" and as expected, she said I was 'underage' and needed my parents, aunty, or cousin to come with me... Of course I felt dissapointed. I don't actually think that my dad will let me get a belly piercing. I looked at some belly piercing displayed there...it costed like RM60 each...why are they so expensive??? It should be like, half the price. I also asked how much a belly piercing was, she said "RM 115".

Feeling so dissapointed... anyways, me and my friend continued shopping...then went to take some pics at the photo booth and then eat some sushi at Genki Sushi!

Then her mum called and said it was time to go. Geez, I've only been there for like, 2 or 3 hours. Anyways, my friend led me to McDonalds(the outside one) and sat on the bench.

Conincidentially, yes, conincidentially, my dad is there too!!! I spotted his car...and his car plate. It must be fate, I thought! So I dialled dad's number and asked if he was there and if he could let me get a belly piercing. Of course he said no at first(and a few times after that), but after some persuading(he's a sucker for that) and saying that I would really appreciate it as a gift for my birthday(although there's still a month more), in the end he said yes. So we met outside a restaurant...then showed him to the way to the piercing shop. Luckily dad is not in the 'in a hurry' mood(like he's usually in because 24hours a day is never enough for him).

When we arrive the girl I met earlier said we had to wait for 10mins...at first my dad say "why not next time" but I told him since we were already here and stuff, he agreed to wait and go shop around a little. And knowing me, so impatient and must get what I want ASAP, I must get the belly piercing today. If I wait there's probably less chance of me coming back again.

Dad went to a CD shop for a while...he wanted to buy a CD. So we just sit there and listened to the CD he chose...actually, he listened, I just kinda sat there with him and wait for time to pass by.

After that we went back to the piercing shop, this time, the guys was almost done. Only some touch-ups to do. So after a few minutes it was already my turn. I did feel a bit queasy and jelloid and adreline pumping at that time. Before it was my turn I went to the restroom(was v. near), peed, took deep breathes and took one more look at my unpierced belly, I went back to the piercing shop.

We had to go through some procedures before that thou. We had to fill in a form and let my dad sign it, I chose the jewelry(a standard, curved barbell with a clear gemstone on it), then I went in...

My piercer was quite good-looking actually. Anyways, he asked me to stood there, lifted my shirt a little, inspected my belly and mark two dots(or was it a line???) spray something on my belly a few times...then asked me to lay down. He let me take a look at the needle and damn, was it long...and quite thick as well. But that was just 14 gauge.

Then he asked me to close my eyes... the exciting part! At that time I could only think to myself, "how much will it hurt?!" Then after about 15 seconds later I feel something coming through. The starting didn't really hurt much really. And the pain was quite minimal. It differs for people to people thou, some people have high tolerance for pain...mine is medium. The pain was like a needle going through ur belly but not really as scary as it sounds... something like someone pulling ur belly??? I've tried that, didn't really hurt thou. The pain felt a little tight as well. It took him about a minute or two to get my belly pierced and set the jewellry in.

I asked if it's over then he said, "no...that's just the clamping part, to make it numb."(i almost freaked out) but when I looked at my belly, the jewellry was already in! lol... it looked a little red but it didn't really hurt. I love my piercing!!!

After paying the money, we said thank you and left...the people there also told me that I can't eat seafood and eggs for a week, no too-rough sports and swimming for three months, must wait for three months if I want to change the jewellry, told me that some kind of swelling or infection would be common, then gave me an antiseptic to clean the area everyday after I bathe.

I noticed my skin between the balls was black blue...now after a week it's a little red but only on the top. It's also quite hard as I like to do reading, drawing and stuff laying on my belly sometimes it hurts, but the pain was minimal. It's also quite unconvienient as I can't really do exercises properly...but at least that's only temporary.

Overall, I'm very happy I done this piercing and I would never want to take it out...maybe not at least until I'm over 35. I've also heard that you have to take your jewellry out when you get pregnant...for three months. But I've also seen pregnancy belly bars so I can probably keep the piercing. =]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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