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Well ever since grade 5 I'v wanted my belly button pierced, and I'v bugged my Mom for it for so long! But in grade 7 I guess all the bugging paid off, because she finally was going to let me, after 3 years of bugging! I was so happy, I got my belly button pierced last May and everything was going fine it was healed and everything. But then about a month and a half ago I was at my friends and the top ball came off and unfortunately I did not have an extra ball, so I had to take it out. It was only going to be out for a few hours, so I didn't think it would close. But to my surprise it did! I was so upset, I loved my belly ring.

So I wanted to get it re-pierced, but I did not know too much about re piercing it, like if you could pierce through scar tissue. Things like that. So I did my research and I read a bunch of different things. Some sites said you can't pierce through scar tissue and that you'd have to do it on another part of the navel! I was a little disappointed because I was quite happy with where it was to begin with.

So just today I had gone in to the same place I had got it done before to get it re-pierced. I went in and told them I wanted my belly button re-pierced. She said okay and my Mom signed some forms, and she took me into a room.

First she prepared everything, and then cleaned my belly button, and marked where the needle would enter and exit.

She told me to lye on a dentist like chair and she put on the clamps. I'm pretty sure after that she pushed the needle through, which was a bit gross because I could feel the needle having to be forced in. after that she put the barbell in, she put this red gunk on it and then I was done, didn't take long at all. But to everyone who may be wondering, you can pierce scar tissue!

After she was done, I thanked her and she told me about a little piece of skin that was on my belly ring from my previous piercing and that it should dry up and flake off in a few days. I paid her 60$ with a 5$ tip, and she explained to me all the cleaning care, since I was a little rusty on after care.

I would say that it hurt a tad bit more than the first time, but not to bad. I'm not looking forward to all the cleaning all over again! But just some advice to everyone who has their belly button pierced, wants it pierced or is getting it pierced, do try and keep and extra ball with you at all times, so if it does happen to get loose and fall off and get lost, you won't have to take it out, and maybe loose your piercing.

But a navel piercing is not necessarily easy to take care of, and there are a lot of things you need to do to take care of yours. You need to clean it 2-4 times a day with sea salt water, or saline solution, and make sure you don't use alcohol on your piercing either. I was very dumb and I used hydrogen peroxide on my piercing and it dried it up and the skin started flaking off, and it wasn't good, lucky for me nothing happened. You also have to make sure you don't play with it or let your friends touch it, and also try not to go swimming in lakes pools and hot tubs, for at least 4-6 weeks. I did that as well, and I was again lucky but it also dried up and skin was flaking off.

I basically did everything they say not to do, and I was lucky that it didn't get infected or anything. Something you should also try not to do with your piercing is changing it, it's probably better if you don't change it for the first 3 months. Another thing is when you're cleaning it; you should probably wash your hands before.

If your thinking of getting your belly button pierced, Id say of go for it, it's not that hard to take care of, and it's really pretty and feminine. But if you're Mom won't let you for a few years than its well worth the wait! But it would most likely be best if you didn't do it yourself, because a lot can go wrong and it's not worth it! If you have any questions you can e-mail me, id be glad to answer them. Bye!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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