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Piercing My Own Navel

When I was younger, in middle school, I really wanted my navel pierced, I already had my lobes pierced twice. I made the mistake of asking my mother first, my mother is very conservative and she obviously said no. I had never really done anything that my parents told me not to do before and I just really wanted to rebel... so I did.

One night I just decided to do it. I got some ice from the kitchen and held it on my navel for about five minutes and then I used a safety pin which I had briefly soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Now I know that hydrogen peroxide is not the best sterilization technique but I was young and it was the only thing that I could find. So I was ready to do it but then I could not figure out if I wanted to pierce up from the inside of my navel or go down through and have the safety pin close inside of my belly button. I instant messaged my best friend and after she told me that I was an idiot she told me to go up from the bottom. At this point my belly button was not really even numb anymore but I decided to just do it anyway. I pushed the safety pin in and got through the first layer of skin. Once I was through the skin it was pretty easy to get to the last layer of skin. I suppose that all that is in between is fat and the safety pin just slid right through. Getting through the last layer of skin was by far the hardest part. I really just did not care all that much at that point but I figured after all that I had done it would be pretty ridiculous not to just do it so I just pushed through the pain and did it. I closed the safety pin because I did not have anything else to put in it.

A couple days later my friend got her aunt to drive us to the mall and I bought a really cute belly button ring to put in it. The only thing that I was worried about was that the new one was much bigger around than a safety pin and I was thinking that this was going to be a problem. So I got home and took the safety pin out and the new ring just slid right through. At this point I realized that the piercing was a little crooked, at the top it was slightly more to the left than the bottom was. This made me a little mad but oh well.

The next weekend my mom told us that we were all going to the pool with my aunt and cousins and I panicked because all I own are two piece bathing suits. I knew that my mom was going to find out so I just decided to tell her. She was pretty upset but I think she was going to let me leave it in, but she made me show my dad. He was really disappointed but did not seem like he was going to make me take it out. My mom got really mad when I told her that I did it myself with a safety pin. She took me to the doctor, the same doctor that I have had since I was a baby and I could tell that he thought I was stupid. So I got a tetanus shot and they gave me some sort of ointment to rub on it twice a day. It was not infected or anything, it was not red or even swollen.

So we went to the pool but I had not pierced it deep enough and after it was wet the skin got softer and it ripped out at some point. I was pretty mad because I thought it was the cutest thing ever and now I have this ugly crooked scar. My dad said he was going to make me take it out anyway but that would have been better because then I would not have had a scar and I probably could just say I took it out but not really. When I turn 18 I am probably going to get it redone and I am hoping that then the scar won't be so noticeable. My step-sister told me it is not even that noticeable now but I am pretty self-conscience about it. If I could change anything about what I did I would have pierced deeper. I think that parents should let their children do things like piercings if they really want them, I have wanted to get my cartilage done since I was twelve but my parents told me I was not allowed to get anything else until I am 18 so my friend is going to do it this weekend. If you are going to self-pierce research it thoroughly and make sure you are as clean and sterile as possible. If you are not going to do it yourself but are not getting it done by a professional make sure it is someone you trust and someone that has pierced what you are getting done before.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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