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My Navel Piercing - A Sign of Independence

After going on vacations to tropical places for so many years and seeing so many navel piercings at the beaches, I always thought about how awesome it would be to have one as my own. Now, my parents aren't very conservative and although my Dad was pretty okay with it, my mom was still not totally comfortable with the whole idea. The only thing she would let me do was get a second hole done in my ears, and even though it's nice to having another one, I wasn't completely satisfied. I researched curiously about the topic constantly and looked at pictures, which made me want it even more. I had always usually been a well-behaved person to my parents when it came to following their wishes, but once I turned 16, I was ready to do something to declare some independence from that. Finally, getting my navel done seemed like the perfect idea.

A close friend of mine knew of a place down in Venice, CA where she got her industrial and two holes in her ears done. When she told me of the location, I felt a little bit uneasy cause if you live in California, you most likely know about what kind of place Venice is, although I still love it. There are quite a few piercing and tattoo parlors, and a lot of them are not always exactly the best quality. But my friend told me about how this place was in a brick building and more private than most of the other places I had seen. After filling my mind up with knowledge of the subject, I decided it was the time and hopefully the place would be as good as she claimed it to be.

When we got there, it seemed pretty all right. Although it was sort of small, but that was comforting somehow. I had to wait a bit because there was a group of guys ahead of me who's friend was getting his tongue pierced. Of course I watched with curiosity from across the room as he got it done and I could feel my adrenaline kicking in. After they were done, I explained to the woman what I wanted. She was really nice, with a good sense of humor. After picking out the barbell i wanted (a pretty blue double jeweled one), she explained to me the procedure and I paid $40. Then me and my two friends came behind the counter and to the back of the studio where in a secluded corner, the piercing would be done. She pulled a curtain closed to keep things private, and asked me stand up straight in front of her and hold my shirt up. As I did this, she marked me with a blue marker and asked me if I liked it. I looked at it in the mirror and asked my friends, who said it looked fine. Then she put a little of this brownish looking liquid on the area and it sort of tingled, which I thought maybe meant it was either for numbing or cleansing. Either way, I laid down on the bench thing with my arms at my sides, starting to get pretty nervous. My friend held my hand and I started squeezing even before the thing was actually happening! The woman calmly said to me "No worries, it will be over before you know it" and I relaxed. I stared up at the ceiling as I felt the cold of the clamps go onto my belly button. I had heard from many people that this was often this worst part of the piercing, but i wasn't that bad. Then, she told me to take a deep breath in and out and I suddenly felt the needle break through my skin. I think I tensed up a little, but after she said "Done!" and I heard the sounds of approval from my friends, I looked down and saw that I now had the barbell in and looking awesome. I got up and kept my shirt up as I got my things together. After explaining the after care procedure to me, I thanked her and we left. It was fun walking around with my new piercing and someone even came up to me and complimented me on it, which made me smile. The first couple nights of sleep were a bit uncomfortable because I sleep on my stomach and it hurt to do so, but it eventually was just fine. So far, I haven't had any complications yet and only my sisters know of it. I obviously am going to have to confess to my parents about it, but I plan to do it when its healed because my Mom's main worry was infection and if all goes well and she sees that I took care of it, I am pretty sure she will be okay with it. Overall, I love my navel piercing and am really satisfied with the result. It's something I did for me and I am proud that I went through with it!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: I+forgot+her+name%2C+but+she+was+of+Chinese+decent
Studio: Re-ink-arnation
Location: Venice%2C+CA

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