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My first body piercing, and my first convulsion.

It all really started about in April 2006, when I got my ears pierced for the first time. 18 is a little older than average to get that done, I know. But it was so easy and painless, I could now actually see myself getting my navel pierced.

Flash forward to August. Some friends and I went to Myrtle beach for three days to celebrate the end of another great summer (we all work at the same Girl Scout camp). I decided it was time to get a daisy tattooed on the second toe of my left foot (a rite of passage and something very sentimental and symbolic at my camp). Another one of the girls (who is also now my college roommate) wanted to get her belly pierced. Another just wanted to come along for the ride. So we go to this really cool tattoo parlor that sends a free limo to pick you up, take you to the studio, and then take you home when you're done. They wouldn't tattoo me because South Carolina has crazy strict tattoo laws and you need parental consent under 21 instead of 18, like most places. I was pretty peeved, because had I been in at home in VA they'd have done it for me.

My roommate's navel piercing looked awesome, though!

Flash forward to January. I'd wanted my belly pierced since I got my ears pierced, and especially since my roommate got hers done. I'd been planning on actually doing it soon for a couple of weeks. So my boyfriend and my roommate and I walked down to our local tattoo parlor. We go to college in a really small town, so the studio is only a block from campus (walk another block and you're past downtown and in the middle of nowhere). The studio is only about a year or so old, so it's all state-of-the-art. We knew it was nice because my boyfriend got his ear pierced there a week earlier, so we already knew Billy the piercer, as well.

I paid my $50 and followed the Billy into the back room. While I was standing, he had me tuck my shirt up into the bottom of my bra so it would stay out of the way, and he marked the spot to pierce with a pen. He then very carefully placed the clamp on my belly button, adjusting it until he had it exactly right. Then he had me hop up onto the table and lay down on my back.

It didn't hurt that much, but I'm not going to lie and say it was painless. It mostly felt like a firm pinch, with a bit of a sting. He was relatively slow at performing the procedure, as compared to my roommate's experience in SC, but he's careful and he did an excellent job, so I'm not complaining. Once he was done, with the jewelry in and the clamp off, he told me I could sit up.

I immediately got dizzy. As I'm prone to passing out after piercings or injections, I leaned back against the wall in an effort to make the room sit still. Sometimes I can fight it off and it will pass, most times I can't. As far as I can tell, a form of needle phobia causes this, but I'm not afraid of needles at all, so I'm not sure what causes it. I mean to mention it to my doctor next time I see him.

Anyway, I passed out almost immediately and was very, very confused when Billy's face started to swim back into view. I was conscious for probably almost half a minute before I could finally figure out where I was! Billy said I'd been convulsing (never done that before, which coupled with the fact that I can fight it off less and less often, makes me think maybe this passing out thing is getting worse, which is why I'm telling my doctor). I sat up slowly, he gave me a cup of water, and my head cleared relatively quickly. I thanked him, apologized and explained that it happens sometimes. He said people pass out getting pierced all the time.

We left and walked back to campus. I got dizzy and a little nauseous again, so I walked back to my room to lie down. I ended up napping for hours, and felt great after. It's been four days now, and my belly ring still looks great! My roommate's still isn't healed because she's allergic to nickel, and the surgical steel bar they pierced her with in SC has traced of nickel in it. We looked all over Farmville (which really just means il bacio and walmart) and nobody carries anything other than surgical steel! It's madness. So we've developed a passion for shopping for body jewelry online.

I love my piercing and plan on going back to the same place to get the two tattoos I've got planned (the daisy I mentioned earlier and the Aerosmith wings at the small of my back =D)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Billy
Studio: Il+Bacio+Tattoo
Location: Farmville%2C+VA

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