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my bottom bellybutton piercing

After getting my nose pierced and three holes in each ear, i decided to be like everyone else and get my bellybutton pierced. But i didn't want to be like everyone else, I wanted to be unique. At first I thought that there really was not a way to be unique about it, I mean, come on, half the world has their bellybutton's pierced. But then I thought, what if I got the bottom part of it done? How would that look? I tried to think of everyone that I knew that had a bottom bellybutton piercing, and no one came up. I felt truly original, so I decided to go for it.

At the time, I was 15 and obviously underage.  However, where I live, there are tons of places that will pierce you, however, not all of them are clean and good.  My friend, who was my age and had many piercings and tattoos told me that a friend of hers worked at this place called Ian's, and that they did not care about age.  When I heard that I was super excited so I decided to go for it.

I went down to the place on a Saturday in the afternoon with my three best friends.  I was nervous as hell because a) I thought it was going to hurt and b) I was afraid of being rejected because of my age.  I went into the shop and said that I would like to get the bottom of my bellybutton pierced.  They said ok, and told me to pick out the jewelry that I wanted.  I had fun with that, because there were plenty of options.  I ended up choosing a plain silver barbell, because it heals faster.  Also, I am allergic to some types of metal, so that's something to be careful about as well.

They took me to the back room where they do the piercings, and told me to lie down.  The piercer was very nice and he talked to me the whole time he was marking the spot.  I stood up and made sure that he marked the spot where I wanted the piercing to go.  I lay on the table and in a matter of seconds it was over.  I could not believe it. I had hyped myself up for it, and it was over so fast.  I got up and looked in the mirror and it looked great! I was so happy (and still am) with my piercing.

The only problem hat I encountered was the healing process.  At first things went pretty smoothly, but I made the mistake of changing the piercing too soon and playing with it too much.  It got a little infected (meaning red and puffy) and it hurt to touch it.  This went on for a while because I just would not leave it alone, and some scar tissue began to form.  As soon as I felt that bump of scar tissue I knew that I had to get serious about healing the piercing. When I got it pierced I also bought H2Ocean, a salt water mix that's supposed to help with the healing process.  I usually do not follow the rules, so I did not put the H2Ocean on it in the beginning like I should have.  This time though, I sprayed my bellybutton every morning and every night, and eventually the infection AND scar tissue went away. Soon my bellybutton was back to normal.

A few tips to not get it infected:

-don't play with it constantly after getting it done. I know its really tempting, but it's a really bad idea.

-make sure that when u clean it, you move the barbell around, and when you can take it out...take it out and clean the hole.

Mine never got so infected to the point where I had to take it out for good, so if you follow those rules you should be fine.  Also, go to a good piercer.  The place I got pierced was a pretty good place, but there are some pretty sketchy places out there.  I've heard and seen many stories from friends who made the mistake of not knowing their piercer.  The best thing to do is to create a relationship with him/her so you're comfortable with them and you know that they won't rip you off.

The reactions I got were great.  It was so new to everyone because no one had ever really seen the bottom part of the bellybutton pierced.  Overall my experience was great.  There was literally no pain when getting it done, and although the healing process was rocky, I can say that I am pain/infection free and have been for a while.  The bottom bellybutton piercing is a great one to get because it is unique, and it also draws people's attention.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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