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Bioflex Navel

I have a whole list of piercings which I am planning for the next couple of years and I chose this as my starting point. Although a standard navel is basic and hugely popular I am not anatomically suited for an inverse (my 1# choice) and I thought it best to start with something easy to gauge my body's ability to heal itself before I embarked upon my more complex ambitions.

I basically have a slit for a belly button, so a standard 8mm bottom ball was out of the question and after ridiculous amounts of reading up on BME about rejection, coupled with my metal sensitivity, I decided on a curved bioflex barbell with nice small titanium balls as my starting jewellery. My local piercing shop, plus several others in the area, do not usually pierce with bioflex so it was down to me to supply the jewellery, which I excitedly ordered from the internet. After about a week of waiting by the letter box it finally arrived and I set off into town.

In Southampton there are two major piercing studios, Asgard and Millenium, which are basically at war. At the time I was pierced I was convinced that Asgard was the better of the two; their studio was in a main shopping centre, clean and well lit and my boyfriend is friends with Karen, the assistant manager (who is by the way an excellent piercer). Millenium on the other hand was up four flights of steps and was fairly run down.

I walked into the shop and showed my new purchase to the piercer. She offered me the necessary paperwork and whilst I sat and filled it in she examined the barbell. When I was done I walked back to the desk and she told me she would rinse it in some hydrogen peroxide and we'd be good to go. Naturally I was shocked that she would consider piercing me with unsterile jewellery, especially as she had no idea where I had bought it from. I politely asked her to autoclave it and after a couple of minutes convincing her that it wouldn't melt she agreed.

Half an hour and two coffee's later I returned to the shop. Three piercers were stood around the barbell waiting for it to cool, apparently shocked that it was the same shape as when it went in.

We stepped into the piercing room and I was marked up and asked to lie on the bed. After opening the sterile needle for me she clamped my navel and proceeded to spray me with some form of 'anaesthetic' (which I swear is just psycholocical). I have to say, this was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure, the cold spread right to the base of my spine. This was quickly followed by the needle, which took a couple of seconds to push through and before I knew it I was standing admiring my new pretty in the mirror. And for those of you who are curious about the pain, mine only hurt for the split second the needle exited my skin and not for a moment since. Even just after; it didn't throb, sting, I hardly knew it was there. I loved it, I spent the whole day showing anyone who would look.

The healing went fine for the first two weeks, the bioflex is amazing, crusties don't stick to it so when it moves through the skin there is no irritation and it is nice and flexible which makes me feel I'm doing my bit to help prevent it rejecting, fingers crossed. I have however developed a nasty allergic reaction to the micropore tape which was used to secure the bandage when it was pierced (which has now progressed into a full blown allergy to plasters, micropore and every adhesive bandage you could imagine). At about the two week marker a thick scab formed on the exit hole and the skin below became red. This has all but disappeared now with the help of emu oil (which I can't recommend enough for fresh piercings, plus it has successfully loosened up my ears to accept double flares) and it is healing beautifully.

This piercing was basically a test for my body on how it heals... if all continues to go well I will continue on down my list of holes to get poked, next up VCH (or double nostrils if I pansy out!)

And on the battle between Asgard and Millenium, after getting to know the behind the scenes of both studios, I would have to recommend Millenium hands down. Clem, the manager is very enthusiastic about hygeine and piercing in general, he is happy to walk you through all of their cleaning equipment, piercing procedures and immediately puts you at ease. He even suggested that I call the environmental health just for my own piece of mind. If you must go to Asgard, ask for Karen, she is excellent.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Karen
Studio: Asgard
Location: Southampton+UK

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