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Bellybutton Experience

I'd been wanting to get my bellybutton done since I started getting body mods at age 18, my first being a tongue piercing. Since then, I've accumulated 2 tattoos and numerous ear piercings, but no other body piercings.

I was sent home from work early one day, and I figured, "What the heck? Let's do it!" So I got home, woke my boyfriend up, and set up the appointment. The studio I went to has an all right reputation, meaning, my friends that had gone there weren't very impressed with the place or the work done.

Anyway, I set my appointment for around 1:30pm, because the piercer wouldn't be there until 1pm. I was fine with that, but when we got there around 1:45pm, she still wasn't there. She finally showed up at 2:30pm, and by that time I was antsy to get this piercing done and over with. I went and got my paperwork done, and then it took another 15 minutes to sterilize the jewelry I picked out. I wasn't very happy, because my boyfriend had to be at work for 4pm that day and it takes 20 minutes to get from my house to work and to the studio.

I finally went into the back room. She followed procedures to the tee. I had no problem with the cleanliness of the place or anything hygienically related. Now, before I continue, I need to tell you that before I get pierced or tattooed, I work myself up to think that it's going to hurt more than it does. This time, however, I didn't work myself up enough. She marked me for the holes and then pushed the needle through. I won't lie. It hurt so bad..almost like a cross between a red hot iron touching my stomach and a cramp shooting through my bellybutton. The clamps were uncomfortable but not unbearable. After the initial piercing, the pain died by quite a bit, but it still hurt. She slid the bar in, the needle out, and went on to try to attach the balls. I didn't swell up at all yet, and was quite happy. It took her about 5 minutes to attach the bottom ball, and the movement didn't agree with my newly pierced bellybutton. The top ball took even longer, because she got it on there, somehow, and after it was all said and done, decided that the threads were too long and it didn't fit correctly into the curved barbell. So she took it off. Mind you, she had jammed it on there. She eventually had to attach the clamps again, just so she could mess with it more without hurting me. By this time, I was dying. I just wanted her to get the ball off, the correct one on, and let me go.

About 10 minutes later, she finally had everything corrected and fixed and I was more than ready to go. It hurt a little bit when I left but wasn't too bad. It swelled up pretty good though. I remember thinking "I can't wait until this swelling goes away"

When I got home I was sore, but I figured the pain would go away in a few days. I loved it, and couldn't wait to tell everyone.

I followed the aftercare to a tee, but 2 days later it got infected. I mean really infected.. as in crying huge tears of pus. No red lines, but it was red. I finally had to take it out, clean it, and reinsert it. I also went to Wally World to get some sea salt. Not quite the H2Ocean spray, but it worked quite well in healing everything up.

This wasn't the first time it got infected. Since then, I think it has been infected 3 times, but with careful cleaning, it went away. It did migrate a little to (my) left on the top, but it's not bad. There's no sign of my body rejecting it, which is what I was originally afraid of, and it is healing quite nicely.

I love my bellybutton piercing and to all of you that want it, go for it. BUT follow your aftercare instructions and don't change the jewelry no matter what! Also, if you don't have the sea salt spray, go to your local supermarket or WalMart and buy sea salt from them. It works just as well. Also be careful of catching it in things. For a few weeks, I wore an eye patch over mine while I was at work. It helped out a lot, except it didn't let it breathe and heal. Let it uncovered as long as you can, try not to bump it, and for heaven's sake don't play with it until it is fully healed because you will pay the consequences. I know this by experience.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jen
Studio: Totem%2C+Bloomsburg
Location: PA

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