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Belly button Piercing

A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to get my bellybutton pierced. I usually tend to try to deviate from what every one else is doing, but when I saw people with it pierced, I knew I had to do it. I pondered my decision for a while, but finally went through with it a few months later.

At this time, I had to have permission from my mother so I took her with me to sign the form or release. At this time a lot of girls had been coming in to receive this piercing, so the woman looked very ready and prepared for the procedure, which made me feel somewhat better.

The piercer told me to follow her into a room and I sat down and watched her get the needle and other utensils out of a cabinet. They were all sealed and clean- a very important thing to look out for when you are getting a piercing. If the tools are not sterilized DO NOT let them pierce you. That may sound obvious, but living in a small town there tends to be at least one piercing/tattoo place within close distance that is not fully sanitary. My only complaint with the room I was in was that there were mirrors surrounding me, which wasn't very comfortable considering I didn't prefer to see someone piercing my skin. This made me a little uneasy, but the piercer seemed to have a lot of confidence so I eased back and closed my eyes. First, she drew the dot onto my skin where she was going to do the piercing. Next, she put a cork in my bellybutton. IMPORTANT NOTE: a piercer should put put a cork or something of the sort for the end of the needle to go into after it is put through your skin. A friend of mine got hers pierced where they didn't use a cork, and the end of the needle ended up going into the bottom of her bellybutton where she didn't want it pierced, and she still has a scar. Anyway, then she used a clamp and counted to three and stabbed it through. The pinch of the clamp ended up hurting more than the actual piercing did. The pain was relatively minimal at the time. I definitely worked myself up more than I had needed to because it was done and over with in a matter of seconds.

Although the process wasn't very painful at the time, the week or two after was a bit rough. During this period your body is trying to heal the piercing, so you may feel some pain and possible scabbing. I experienced the most pain when sitting or lying down. It is important to make sure that you listen to the advice of your piercer on how long to wait until you change your piercing. If you decide to try to be a rebel and put in a gaudy dangly bellybutton ring sooner than you are supposed to, you'll be the one crying when you get it stuck on something because the pain is excruciating. If you normally sleep on your stomach, you may want to try to sleep on a side.

A few years later, today, I still have my piercing in and I'm not sure what my stomach even looks like without it. My advice to anyone when they want to buy a new barbell or ring to put in, is to go back to the place where you got it pierced. I have had many bad experiences with buying barbells from shops in the mall, where they break or rust. When you take a shower, it is a good idea to remove the barbell or ring after it has been pierced for a while. Also, WATCH OUT for the following things that have caused me to almost rip my piercing out: clingy shirts, carrying my books too close to my stomach, even doorknobs. I am not a stupid girl, but it is very easy to end up banging it or getting it stuck on something. I have had the bad experience of having crappy barbells rust and become uncomfortable and itchy afterward. Unfortunately, the skin around my piercing is now very thin. I'm not sure if this was a mistake of the piercer, or just because I have gotten it caught on things so many times. Dangly bellybutton rings = BAD IDEA. I may have to go get it repierced, but I definitely do not regret it. I love my piercing, just make sure your piercer is experienced and knows the right amount of skin to pierce. DON'T do it yourself, I've seen people mess theirs up and it can be very bloody and messy, not to mention the infection you may end up with. Overall, it was a great experience and I would recommend getting it done, very cute! :-)


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on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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