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follow aftercare rules

I'm not really completely sure why I wanted to pierce my belly button... I think it was because I was 16 and I was ready to move on from just having my ears pierced like every other girl my age.

I realize that a vast majority of girls my age also have their belly buttons pierced, but at least it was something new and more original than just ears.

Some of my friends that had already had theirs done for a little while told me not to expect much pain during the actual piercing, but a more painful healing time.

There were only two things that I was worried about: having the piercing placed too shallow and having it be rejected. And the small, pus and blood filled bubble that can sometimes form under the bottom ball of the piercing.

Anyway, one Sunday in March I kind of just walked up to my mom and told her that I wanted to have it done. She had no problem with it and was perfectly willing if I would pay for at least half of it.

We went into the studio, which was where the majority of my friends had had their various piercings done. I was semi-familiar with the man who pierced my belly button, and I really liked his professional attitude. We filled out all the forms and talked about of the necessary legal disclaimers and whatnot.

Then he took me back into the room and had me pick out which color bead I wanted. At new moon, they always pierce your belly button with a hoop that has a colored ball clamped in the middle. Most girls don't like this because they can't immediately have a pretty, sparkly, dangly thing, but I didn't mind. Having the hoop makes it easier to rotate while cleaning it, and having something heavy dangling from your still sore belly button would be no picnic.

He had me lie down and marked off where he would insert the needle, then had me stand up in front of a mirror to make sure I liked where it was placed, and I did so laid back down in the chair.

At first I freaked out when he took out what I thought was a gigantic needle. But he was so professional about it and had a really calm "I do this 20 times a day," sort of attitude. And to be honest, he probably did do it that many times a day.

Then he put the clamps on. And I know this sounds totally cliché, but those clamps hurt! As much as the actual piercing its self. Then I insisted on watching as he put the needle through. It was bizarre watching it poke through, but the pain was just one intense burst that didn't last long. I have kind of thick skin or tough cartilage so it took a good push to get it through, but it got through just fine.

Then he took out the needle, put in the hoop, and clamped it shut, where it was supposed to stay for 3 months. He dabbed up the little spots of blood, but had me sit for a minute just to make sure that I wasn't feeling lightheaded or anything. He started talking about aftercare instructions and gave me a little bottle of anti-bacterial soap, a little bag of sea salt and a piece of paper with some instructions on it.

I thanked him, paid, and left the shop. As soon as a made a move to get into the car, my torso twisted and I felt a painful pull. It was like all of a sudden, it hurt to do things that I never even considered would pull on it at all.

The worst part of it is that I am very impatient. I am a cheerleader so this new piercing was constantly being bumped very painfully. In addition to that, we have to wear briefs under our shorts and skirts. These briefs had a very tight elastic band that hit right on top of my belly button. This was constantly rubbing on it, which is breaking one of the most important rules of having a new belly button piercing.

Then, because I am so impatient, I decided after about 1 ½ months that it was high time to take out the hoop and put in a curved bar. This was a big mistake. It bled and had pus come out and was extremely sensitive to the touch. I believe that this is the reason that my belly button has not yet healed properly.

It has been about 10 months since I got my belly button pierced, and I still have to clean it and soak it every couple of days. To a casual observer, it would still look like a new piercing. In fact, the other day, I came home and took off my briefs to find my belly button filled with dry blood. When I wiped the blood away with a wet washcloth it just started bleeding again. Lately, the piercing has been constantly caked with blood and dried lymph. It's not so pleasant, and even less pleasant to look at.

The best advice I could offer is even though you may want to do things your way, you need to follow the set instructions. A few months of healing time is better than almost a year of messy cleanup.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Feb. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Wade
Studio: New+Moon
Location: Boise%2C+Idaho

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