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Triple Navel Project

My story starts off about 6 months ago when I was forced to take out my horizontal surface piercing under my navel. I loved the piercing so much, and after having it for a year, it started to reject for no apparent reason. The piercing was done at Universal in Ottawa, Ontario, and it really was a great experience. I was told that eventually all surface piercings reject, therefore I was expecting to take it out at some point in my life. After it was gone it was hard to get used to, and I missed having something there. I have the standard navel piercing, but since the horizontal navel piercing isn't that common, I felt different in a special kind of way having it there. I missed it so much, that I needed something to replace it with as soon as I was healed.

I decided to go downtown to Universal to talk to my piercer Jen and get her opinion. She started off by telling me that my surface piercing lasted a very long time considering the area it was in and how the rejection rate is very high. She told me she could pierce me on the bottom or basically whatever I choose to do would be possible on my navel. I decided to go home and research more on bme before making the final decision.

After doing some research and seeing what the possibilities were in order to have a look similar to the horizontal navel without having to do the actual piercing all over again, I found the right piercings. If I got two navel piercings on the bottom, it would look like I had a surface, or give the same effect at least. So that was my decision, and pain is definitely not a concern of mine, I was going to go for it right away.

I showed up at Universal on a Thursday afternoon, which is the day that Jen is always in without a doubt.  I told her my plans, and she was excited and more than willing to do it for me with a small discount knowing how sad, and dreadful it was for me to lose my surface piercing.  I've also been going to her for my piercings for a very long time, which she has done all of and not once have I had a complaint.  I paid about $65 at the front desk, filled out my form and waited for her to get her things ready to pierce me in the back.  I went into the back room and had to make sure and stand straight in order to mark my stomach properly with a purple marker.  The four dots were placed perfectly the first time, and I was more than ready to be pierced.  I lay down on this doctor like lounge chair, and Jen was ready with the clamps.  For the navel, the clamps were not bad at all, and left no bruising afterwards which was excellent for me.  The piercing itself hurt when the needle went through.  Weird enough the second one hurt way more than the first.  People say this is normal especially with nipple piercings being done at the same time as well.  But I have both of mine, and that was not the case at all.  Altogether the experience was good, and the pain really was minimal.  The jewelry that was used were small barbells that had some extra length on them in case of swelling.  I was extremely happy with the way the piercings were done, and once again Jen did a perfect job.

The healing process was a bit difficult, since it was double the trouble, but it was definitely easier than healing the surface piercing. I cleaned it with the usual spectrojel and sea salts when necessary. I refrained from touching it and wore loose clothing in order not to get it caught on anything.

About a month after it was done, I went back to get tighter jewelry for the piercings. Jen actually bent two straight barbells with pliers for a perfect fit in my navel. I found this strange at first, but it worked better than ever. The balls on the barbells were small and dainty, and looked even better than before.

My piercings are still doing well and looking great. They managed to get pulled a few times and ended up being sore for a few hours, but nothing major. I would highly recommend navel projects and especially the triple navel piercings which I now have. I was told that sometimes they can also reject depending on how much skin one has on their navels. In that case a consultation is worth it if it is what you want, and definitely go for it if you do!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jen
Studio: Universal
Location: Ottawa%2C+Ontario

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