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navel ring

When I was in high school I asked my parents if I could get a navel ring.They said no. Additionally they said if I got one that they wouldn't help me pay for college, though Im not sure they were too serious about that.

When I got into college, I waited a couple months, but then decided to get one anyway. I researched a good deal on what the experience would be like and what kind of aftercare it would require and what to look for at a piercing studio. I hadn't had any piercings before except for my ears when I was little.

One afternoon I was talking about it with my friend and decided it was time. We got in his car and drove to the piercing place. I checked it out and asked the people there a bunch of questions like:

-what kind of ring would they recommend

-how long would i be sore/swollen

-aftercare and what to do if it became infected

-how many piercings they had performed


We went back into one of the smaller piercing rooms. They had a full length mirror and gave me a pen to mark how high up I wanted the hole. They were very careful and spent time to make sure the hole they marked was centered and would work well with the barbell piercing I wanted.Once the piercing was marked, they had me lie down on an inclined bench sort of like one you would see in a gym. They explained the process. They would pierce me with the instrument which would hurt for a few seconds and then they would have to screw the ball on.

The piercing itself did not hurt much, but getting the bar in and the top screwed on was a little more painful. The pain only lasted a few seconds. I got up and examined it and paid for the piercing and took all the instructions for aftercare. The total was something like $50-$60.

I was so excited and shocked I had finally done it! We left and I encountered a bit of a challenge -- getting back in the car. I realized that while it didn't hurt to stand up, sitting down made the bar shift so it was slightly uncomfortable. I felt fortunate that my friend was driving and I could lay the car chair back so I didn't have to bend so much.

We got home and I just rested for the rest of the day. I took a shower and cleaned the piercing. The spot was less and less sore for a few more days. I continued to follow the cleaning instructions to a T and tried to be careful not to twist or touch the piercing when it was healing. It was tempting so I did touch it minimally. My piercing healed up fine in a few weeks. I had no problems with infections or redness.

I left it in for a few months. Then I had to go home during the summer. I took it out for a couple hours to hide it from my parents. It was a bit stressful to be at home and hide it. I would get worried about my parents accidently asking to see my stomach or touch it. My heart went a little faster a couple of the times I went home when aunts or uncles would bring up the topic of piercings at family gatherings. But I always escaped without them knowing. Putting the bar back in the first couple times hurt a bit. It was quite a challenge to get it back in. I found that pinching the skin so that there was less you had to push through helped. I also regret that I got a barbell with the grooving on the stick. I didn't know at that time that piercing materials were better quality if the groves were inside the ball.

Regular wear was ok. After about 10-12 months I could take out my piercing for a couple days to a week at a time and not have any problem getting it back in. After 2.5 years I took it out for a more extended time, maybe a couple months. When I went to put it back in the piercing had partially closed up in the center. I was really surprised by this because my ear piercings never closed up and I hadn't worn ear rings for a year at a time. I was disappointed that it had closed but haven't gone back to get it re-pierced. I may sometime, but Im thinking about getting a lip ring instead.

When I think back about how my parents discouraged me from getting one for so long based on their own beliefs impressing me with the feeling that this kind of piercing was something to be ashamed about, I laugh a little. I was so obedient for so long I didn't have an identity. My piercing certainly wasn't my identity after I got it, but finally getting it let me break free a bit and be my own person. I embraced the piercing. I would recommend doing this piercing if you've done your research and you really want one.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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