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Massacred belly button

There's a picture floating around here somewhere of a bruised, wonky, and a bit scabby belly button piercing. That piercing was mine. I had removed this only the day after taking the picture, and only after seeing said picture posted on BME did I realise what a bad job Mr piercer had done. At any reputable piercing studio, you should be able to say stop, ask for your money back and walk out, should you feel uncomfortable. For me, this was not the case.

As it was around Christmas time, my usual piercer was closed for the holidays. However, I wanted a piercing, and, with me being my usual impatient self, I was not prepared to wait the 5 days for Sacred Arts tattoo studio to open again. If only I had waited. It was only 5 days.

So, with my friend, I went skipping off in search of a tattoo studio. What made me pick not only one in Winsford, but in possibly the grottiest part of Winsford, is still beyond me. But nevertheless, in we went.

Having had previous piercings, I knew something was wrong after I signed the form. For a start, they did not ID me. I may be 18, but I hardly look it. After that, I was given a choice of belly bars from a box kept under the counter, and once I had selected one, this was taken into the back room out of my sight. It was not taken from a sterile packet in front of me, nor was it taken off a display and autoclaved. I should have left then. I still hadn't paid.

It should also have struck me as bizarre that when my friend asked if she could have her tongue web pierced, he said the woman who does the tongue piercing wasn't there today. What piercer doesn't know how to pierce tongues? Surely if the correct training qualifies them to pierce a bellybutton, it qualifies them to pierce a tongue?

But, my impatience won out. I was called into the badly lit back room and told to lie down on what appeared to be a massage table. Mr piercer marked out the holes as an afterthought, while I was lying down, and told me to stand up so he could check they were straight.

After a quick glance and a "that'll do", or words to that effect, I was told to lie down again. He applied the clamp with a force akin to a man wrestling a bear, then told me he was going to freeze my stomach. After squirting on a cold liquid, he pushed the needle through my tender flesh. I did not shriek, though this action was certainly one that called for a high pitched noise of some description. I had my eyes tightly closed throughout the procedure.

Once the deed was done, he asked if I wanted to look at it before he covered it up. I looked at it, and, lo and behold, it was too far to the right, too high up, and entered at a slant. To my protest that it "isn't straight", he replied "It'll be fine", before covering up my quickly bruising deep tissue wound with bandage. It was over quicker than I could say stop, and I was not made to feel particularly comfortable, or welcome to ask questions.

After lying on the table while the shock wore off, I sat up slowly and winced at the sharp pain in my stomach. The aftercare instructions were to "wash it with soap and work the bar back and forth so that the soap gets inside the holes. Rinse well." Needless to say, I did NOT do this.

After four days of battling with myself, wondering whether to retire the piercing as it was off centre, my penchant for perfection won out. The piercing was removed. The constant twinges every time I stretched or did anything to upset the balance of my midsection had begun to grate on me. Also, the holes around the piercing had become an angry red, probably due to the bar not being sterilised. The next day, I went to my usual piercer, Jenna, now open for business (I take this opportunity to advertise, once again, Sacred Arts tattoo studio in Castle) who pointed out that my navel was bruised, the marks from the piercing were off centre and too high up, and that the man who pierced me, was, in fact, the biggest cowboy in this part of Cheshire. Wonderful.

She also told me I'd have to wait two weeks for it to heal properly before she could pierce it again, because one, it would be incredibly painful, and two, it would settle back into the off centre hole. See, if only I'd waited those 5 days...

Anyway, went back only a week later, after taking good care of my ex-piercing, to have it pierced again properly. And this time it's straight. And I can stretch without wincing. You may find an account of this soon.

Luckily for me, the damage was minimal. But always remember, if you feel uncomfortable at all, don't feel you can't say no, and walk away.

As for the piercing, its one of my favourites. If you're considering this one, go for it. The pain, if done properly, is minimal, and it does look damn good. Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Some+guy+posing+as+a+piercer
Studio: art+n+soul
Location: winsford

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