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Horizontal subnavel surface piercing

Okay, here goes. I'm 16 years old. I have my tragus pierced, 2 helix piercings, my nose and my navel done. I used to have a lip piercing but took it out. Unlike a lot of the people probably on bme, I'm not a fan of multiple piercings. I like the occassional unusual one rather than the cliche, and that's why I decided to get a surface piercing under my bellybutton. I'd always wanted one there, but never actually knew if it was possible to get one. So I did a bit of googling around and finally found this site and decided that I really wanted this piercing!

So I went to a few piercing shops and decided that my choice was between Punktured at Off Ya Tree or The Piercing Shop. I'd been pierced at both places before and both are awesome. The deciding factor was actually the fact that The Piercing Shop was much cheaper. Being a student, I obviously went for the cheapest option, when both places looked equally good.

So I went to the piercing shop on a Friday night after some late night shopping, having eaten dinner already. I went upstairs and signed some forms and chose the jewellery I wanted to use. I chose the plain silver balls on a tygon bar.

I went into the room and an assistant piercer showed me that all the stuff was sterilised and everything and sat me down on the funky reclining chair and explained to me what would be done... So I lay back and waited for the piercer. She came in about a minute later and asked me to stand up. She marked where the piercing would go until I was happy with it and kept measuring to be sure. When we were both happy with the placement of the piercing, she told me to lay down on the recliner chair and I did. She took out my navel bar and changed her gloves. She gave me a squishy ball and told me to relax. She said she was going to put the clamps on. "This is the worst part." She said.

It was. Ouch! I have this phobia of letting them know that it's hurting, so I squished the ball and counted the little tiles on the roof and pretended that it was fine. She was like, "Oh you're handling this so much better than most people!" and I was like "mmmmhm". I'm a good actress I guess!

So the clamps went on until she had them in the right position. It hurt, but not too much.

Then she got out the needle. "Okay this bit will be more uncomfortable than anything." she said.

She counted to three and then pushed it through. It wasn't that bad... It hurt, but not as bad as I had imagined it would. She then told me that the next bit would feel weird as she put the bar through. She screwed the balls on and cut the bar down a few times until it was just the right size. She then cleaned it and put a patch on it and told me to take it off in a few hours.

It's almost 2 months later and I've had it cut down twice and it's healing very well. I sleep on it so it's a bit red most of the time but apparently that will go away.

I've had no problems with bumping it or anything and it's looking great!

A few days ago I was worried about the redness and went back to the piercing shop. I lifted up my top and asked if it was rejecting with a look of horror on my face. The lady working said that I'd just been sleeping on it... and that it was nothing to worry about. She told me to spray it with some ear piercing spray and that it would be fine and hopefully the redness would go down.

I've been trying that and the redness has gone down a little bit, so it's good.I'm still paranoid about the piercing rejecting - it's the last thing I want to happen - but it's looking good for now, so I'm happy!

I'd highly recommend getting this piercing. I absolutely love it and the pain goes away straight after it's pierced. I've had no dilemmas with it and haven't knocked it at all... Everyone thinks it looks great!

So if you're considering getting this piercing, go for it! It hurts, but not as much as you may think, and it's not that hard to look after really. You just have to do the right stuff and then you can have fun with a really cool looking piercing! It's definitely become my second favourite piercing, next to my tragus. I love it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: The+Piercing+Shop
Location: Brisbane+City

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