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FINALLY my stomach is S E X Y !!!

Okay so since I was in about seventh grade I wanted my belly button done. I attempted to ask my parents but they said it would "kill me" and I was too much of a "crybaby" to get any piercing done. So I just let go of the whole idea. By the time of eight grade, everyone wanted a piercing to be "cool" and the idea of a belly sprung back up in my head.

So I decided to share my idea with my best friends, we obviously couldn't get our parents to take us so we decided it would be easy to do it ourselves. (Which was not at all.) Anyways, we go to Michael's`s Craft Store to buy some large sewing needles, get a lighter, some rubbing alcohol, a cup of ice, and we buy belly rings. It was about me and four other girls in eight grade really thinking that it was a good and EASY idea to pierce ourselves.

My best friend attempted to try me first, so I sit there for about an hour with ice on my stomach. I rub some alcohol on it and then she tries to push the needle through. But the ice made my skin harden & it was even HARDER to push the needle through. So we decide to warm up my stomach and not use ice. So yeah we wait until my stomach isn't cold anymore and attempt it to go through, we push and push & after about two hours or so of pushing the needle only goes through half way. I was so irritated I just yanked it out and put the idea of a "sexy belly ring" in the very back of my mind. So I suggest you DO NOT attempt to pierce your own navel, because ONE it will be very hard, and TWO it's just not safe...professionals ONLY!

About two years later I moved to Texas and I wanted something new and exciting in my life, something I would feel accomplished for, so I thought about getting my belly pierced. I was no longer a "crybaby" to my parents after getting in a four wheeler accident and flipping down a hill nearly dying. Me, going through physical therapy, and being on crutches for nearly two straight months. I was prone to pain and didn't much mind it at all, although the thought of pain still scared me, I would usually tell myself "It`s just physically pain it will go away soon".

So a few months later after I was all healed from my accident, I had just recently turned 16 and so my cousin thought it`d be a great idea to take me for her gift to me. She took me to the regular guy that she always got piercings from, Ten, and he told me to pick which jewelry I wanted. I decided to pick a plain one with a white diamond on it, for the healing process, so I wouldn't have to deal with being worried that my jewelry got caught to something.(Especially with my friend's horrifying bloody nightmare in the middle of the night.)

So I walk into the piercing room which scared me bad because it looked like a dentists' office. I laid down and lifted up my shirt to half of my stomach. He explained the procedures and guaranteed me no pain. I didn'tt want to look at the needle going through, I always figure its more painful to actually look at it go through than to just close my eyes and think "happy thoughts". I love piercings but I hate needles and get scared me when they are pointed in my direction. I held my cousins hand as she laughed at me saying "Its not gonna hurt", and after about a second, and a pinch I looked down with the jewelry inside my belly. I just smiled real big and thanked Ten. My stomach didn't feel any pain until after a few hours. I was more than excited. I was ready to show it off & went to buy myself a mini clubbing shirt.

The next night I go clubbing and have a every person I`m dancing with feel on my belly ring, which irritated it a lot with all those dirty hands. But after that I mellowed out and did a salt soak for about 1 minute twice a day. I also brought Bactine with me everywhere because it was a non-stinging cleaner. Im one of those type of people with sensitive skin so my belly didn't completely heal until after about three months and every time I changed my belly ring it would puss & be infected. After it healed completely and everything it was fine with me changing it day to day. So after about two and a half years, a painful accident, and a wonderful cousin...Im now completely happy with it and change the jewelry to match everything I wear and I definitely feel sexier with it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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