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When I was about 9 years old, I went to spend Christmas holidays with my relatives in Virginia. My cousin had just gotten her navel pierced, and I was instantly hooked on the idea of getting mine done. I loved how it looked, and at the time piercings (other than your earlobes) weren't a common thing in my small town. Since I was only 9, and my parents are extremely strict, I didn't even bother to ask if I could get it done.

Few years pass, I turn 13. Whatever, I'm now a teenager, and I still want my navel pierced...I'm also still terrified of my dad. But thanks to a little invention called the internet, I hop online and start researching as much as I can on DIY piercing. I get all kinds of tips and information for the healing and care of it. I guess I was all excited about the fact that I was going to make this happen myself, and very stupidly decided it would be OK to use a safety pin. Long story short - it got infected twice and I ended up taking it out. (By the way, I DO NOT recommend self-piercing at all. If you are underage, just wait it out. No matter how awesome the piercing you want may be, it's not worth the risks of DIY piercing.)

Finally...October '06. I turn 18. My friend Kyle is coming home after Christmas, and his sister has her own piercing studio. Last minute plans are made, and he and I are off to West Ashley. We get there, and head up front to wait while the piercer, Lauren, was in back with a customer. Everything's cool, I'm not nervous at all. I mean, it can't possibly hurt more than me slowly twisting a safety pin through right? The people before me get finished, leave, and Kyle and Lauren talk for a little bit. First impression...she seemed really nice and I was comfortable right off the rip. I fill out the paperwork, pick out my jewelry, and buy a bottle of Satin. The 3 of us head around to the back to get me pierced. Lauren has me stand up, gets my navel marked (I was really pleased with how particular she was about making sure she had it straight), and I sit back in the chair. So far so good. Then, she leans the chair back. Immediately I start breathing a little faster, getting a little nervous. She kept talking to me, and let me know everything she was doing, and I was immediately calm again. Clamp went on...she moved it around quite a bit to make sure it was straight. Again, definitely didn't mind her being picky about that. Little bit of pulling from that, but no pressure or pain really. She lets me know the needle's about to go through, and bam, it's over. No pain whatsoever. I felt a little bit of pressure...my skin getting kinda tight. She said she could feel the scar tissue from where I had pierced myself before, so I'm assuming that was the cause. I sit up, and it looks amazing. Straight and clean. Totally painless. Love, love, LOVE it.

By the time I got home, it had bled a little in the car. Didn't even notice till I ran in the bathroom to look in the mirror. Just a little dried blood around the bottom ball. No big deal. No redness or pain or swelling. The second night however, it got really red, swollen, and sore. I'd been keeping it cleaned with the Satin, and from my previous experiences with it getting infected, I immediately went into paranoia mode. Lauren had found me on MySpace, so she and I talked about it, and later that night I was hooked up with some sea salt. after only 3 10-minute soaks, ALL the redness and swelling was gone. I had the piercing done last Tuesday, and 2 days ago on Monday I had wisdom teeth surgery. I got a little slack and just did the salt soak and forgot the Satin, so now it's a little dry around the holes. Started up with the Satin last night, and it's already looking healthy again. Using the soaks and the Satin together, I've had great results. Redness, swelling, and soreness is all gone. I don't even have any pus coming from it. I'm thinking of going next week and trying some H2Ocean. Heard it's pretty good stuff.

So, finally, after 9 years of wanting this done, I've finally got it. Lauren was so awesome, and she's been in contact to make sure everything's gone smoothly. The piercing looks great...and it's cheering me up to know my stomach looks cute while my cheeks and jaw are swollen. If you live in the Charleston, SC area or if you're going to be here on a trip and you want something pierced...DEFINITELY go see Lauren or Laura at The Museum of Living Arts. They have a MySpace too...check them out!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: lauren
Studio: the+museum+of+living+arts
Location: west+ashley%2C+sc

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