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Double is Doubly Better!

I had wanted my belly button (navel) pierced for a year or two before I got it done. I was tossing up ideas of placement, how many holes and of course how much it would absolutely cane.
I contacted my friend Moodle a few days before I wanted to get it done and we arranged bus timetables and such, so we'd actually have some form of transport (the Adelaide Hills are horrible for public transport). She discussed with me that her piercer, Tim at Hairhouse Warehouse would be the best. She had been pierced by him for many of her piercings such as labret and tongue – as she goes there so often she gets discounts! (Go Moods). So I figured a simple belly button would be nice and simple, and reminiscing over Moodle's piercings, relatively pain free. We went to rundle on the 20th of December 2006 to meet up with some of her friends and to get my holes. When I reflect back to it, my piercing job was so quick I didn't have time to think. We headed over to Hairhouse Warehouse and asked to see the piercer. This was just to check how much it would cost I thought, then perhaps we'd head back over later. The guy we asked couldn't seem to find Tim and was so sure that "He was right here a second ago". After we tracked him down – I think Tim had been hiding out the back – my friend informed him of my piercing needs (I'd decided on double vertical navel piercings) and not, to my dismay, the price!
I asked him about pain relief and how I wanted numbing spray. But I got back a "It really makes no difference on that area". I was slightly let down but figured I'd made it this far. I'd had numbing spray for my 2nd lot of earlobes and hell did it make a difference! For a starters: NO PAIN!
He said straight away, "Sure we can do this right now" and whisked Moodle and myself into the backroom. Everything was so sterile and clean (Hairhouse Warehouse is really good, I recommend them). I had to fill out a survey like legal sheet asking if I had permission, had eaten anything in the last few hours, smoked, drinked and other such questions. The piercer asked me to stand up and pull my top up so it would stay up and not fall down (I shoved it in my bra). He wiped my tummy down with some sterilising stuff while I pondered if I had a dirty belly button hole. (He said I didn't as the cotton came off clean) Then he marked out where he thought the curved barbells would fit best. I'm not sure of the size of them, but I think he said something about 14 g. Maybe I'm mistaken? Anyway, after he finalised the dotting, making sure everything was perfect and that the jewellery would sit nicely, he asked me to lie down on the flat bed. I wasn't at that stage perfectly happy with where he placed the dots (the bottom end of the top one was more like a surface piercing and didn't end up IN my belly button hole). By the time I made it onto the bed I was shaking. But there was my friend sitting at the foot of the bed and her piercer friend ready to shove a needle through my belly. I can't say I felt pressured, but I'm glad my friend was there otherwise I would have certainly backed out! (I nearly backed out over my 1st earlobe ones when I was 10!) After I laid down on the table/bed thing he asked me how I wanted him to do it. The choices were; to do each one separately; or get the holes done first, then thread the jewellery on. I chose the "Do the pain all at once" though in hindsight, it really would have made no difference.
He clamped the top part of my belly button and drove the need through on which a plastic tube was connected to. He then proceeded to do the same with the bottom part of my belly button. But this one hurt A LOT more. Once the tube was through he threaded the barbells through each of the tubes.
Now most people that I know who have had their belly's done say that the worst part is the clamping. THEY ARE WRONG! I couldn't even feel the clamping, but oh my, the needle. Yes we felt that. It wasn't unbearable, but you know, not so happy. During the whole procedure I had my eyes firmly shut and my fingers crossed (hoping to be able to stand the pain – I do that when I'm about to be in pain).
So it was over! Yay, great get up walk away be happy. 'No', that was the reaction from my body, 'We're going to make you REAL dizzy-like'. I felt dizzy for about 5 minutes during which Tim gave the 'talk' In piercer's terms it's the after care and clean-ness measures you have to take so you don't get an infected stomach and rot away (still not sure if that can actually happen – but I guess it's connected directly to your stomach). So after the talk and sitting up, lying down, sitting up, lying down and then finally sitting up and standing, I felt thoroughly depleted of any energy I had possessed at all. A King William Boost Juice fixed the energy problem after paying for it and purchasing the Pro-Tat sterile spray. It didn't hurt too much over the next few hours, but sitting down and getting up were a real problem! I felt like a pregnant lady. Over the next few days I was happily showing off my belly to everyone, I'd never done it so much in my life! But as I had a cherry packing job at the local fruit cold store my piercing became such a nuisance! For a start the conveyer belt was at the perfect height to grab on the top piercing. Ouch! It turned out that the top one liked to be grabbed by things the most and the bottom one, which had hurt the most getting done – was fine. Nearly one month on I think my piercing experience was pretty good. It isn't red anymore, and it was never swollen – I had the 'blood plasma healing crunchie bits of goop' that you get with piercings. Having an experienced friend there who knew the piercer quite well was very comforting also. I recommend Hairhouse Warehouse in Rundle Mall and Tim to anyone who wants a piercing – he really did a good job – and I like the top piercing now – he placed it well! spiffy!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Tim
Studio: Hairhouse+Warehouse
Location: Rundle+Mall

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