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Against a Maternal Decree.

My mother has always been back and forth about piercings. When I was 8 she told me that I could pierce my earlobes when I turned 13. Well, when my 13th birthday rolled around she changed her mind and told me that I would have to wait until I turned 15. I patiently put up with this game and pierced my lobes when I was 15. The next year I got three cartilage piercings and gauged my lobes.

As I got older so did my taste in piercings. I really wanted to get my nostril done. Mom and I discussed it and she came to the conclusion that when I turned 17 it might be alright. Once again, her mind changed and as soon as I turned 17 she said no way.

My father, on the other hand has always had a very open mind about the whole thing. When I was 16 he actually asked my if I wanted to pierce my nose. Knowing that my mother would tear my heart out if I went along with it, I politely declined.

I have always been really respectful of my parents and have tried my best to heed to their wishes but with my 18th birthday fast approaching, I started to get a little restless: more than anything I wanted a piercing. I knew that I couldn't hide a nose stud from my mother so I opted for something a little less obvious but no less appealing...a navel piercing! I thought that perhaps this would satistfy me until I am able to make these sorts of decisions all on my own.

My dad and I discussed it briefly and after he gave is most willing concent to sign and attend I began looking up local piercing studios. I read a lot about the type of piercing I was getting, healing time, complications, and how it should be properly done. In my research I came across Evolution Body Piercing. They had a marvelous record of being highly involved in piercing legislation and had an experienced staff. I browsed pictures online, read a few legal documents that proved that not only were they up to par, but exceeded health and saftey expectations.

The price was the only thing that made me uneasy. Compared to other studios, Evolution was pretty expensive. The cost was easily justified in my mind. I would rather pay more to have a hole punched in me properly than deal with infections or rejection of the piercing. I gather my dad, my cash and my best friend and we set out.

The studio was beautiful: jewelery was on display, they had plants in the windows and a few members of the small staff roamed around.

After picking out my jewelery and learning a bit about after care my piercer, Noah, introduced himself. He was friendly to both my father and myself and answered any questions we had. I didn't have to wait long to be called back. The piercing room was so different from the lobby. It looked as though I had stepped into a hospital and was preparing for surgery.

I was sterilized and marked (at which point I began to feel like backing out) and asked to lay down, arms at my sides.

Noah assured me that he had "magic fingers" and told me to relax. I felt the needle, and I won't tell you that it "didn't hurt at all" because there was a bit of a twinge but it was entirely bareable and over in the blink of an eye. Noah told me that the insertion of the barbell would probably cause some discomfort so just as I was preparing myself for the pain he said "all done, take a look."

My navel piercing was quick and nearly painless.

I do not look forward to hiding it from my mother. She and I are very close and I was pretty bummed that I knew there was no way she would approve of my actions but what's done is done. I blame it on the rebel in me (haha!)

If I have any advice at all for someone considering this piercing I would say: 1. Do some investigating. Find a reputable place and mull it over. Ask some friends with piercings to recommend you. 2. It's worth a little more money to know that you're in the hands of someone with several years of experience behind them and that you will be in the proper environment.
3. Be prepared with questions that you're not afraid to ask. You may learn some things that will change your mind and save you some complications.
4. Take someone you trust if you need a friend (or parent). 5. And if you're underage, like me, it's probably best that both parents are ok with you getting holes punched in your flesh. If not, re-evaluate the situation or try and talk it through. If it comes down to it not being ok and you decide to go through with it anyway then be ready to keep a pretty big secret.

It was pleasant. I'm going back to Evolution on my 18th to get my nostril pierced. I wouldn't go anywhere else.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Noah
Studio: Evolution
Location: Albuquerque%2C+NM

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