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pleasurable belly button peircing

My piercing fetish first started in 5th grade when I saw my friend get her belly button pierced. It was really cool and I wanted one right away. I asked my parents, but I was like ten, so obviously the answer was a definite no. When I was in seventh grade I started nagging and nagging them. No no no no no. Only if I got all A's and B's was I allowed. I promised my mom that I would show her some good grades, then she would let me get it pierced and if I didn't keep my grades up I'd take it out. Sounds good. In 8th grade, I wrote up a contract saying I would keep my grades up, and keep my room clean and what not. I don't get the best grades, but my room usually stays clean. Most of the rules that I made for my belly button ring I didn't keep, but my mom thinks it's cute so she's not going to make me take it out.


About a week later, my mom drove me to pleasurable piercings. The whole way there I was more nervous then ever. We finally got there then I walked in. The studio is really nice. There's pictures everywhere, piercing things, and the environment is really cool. The people working there are really nice. They asked me what piercing I wanted. Then I showed them my information, proof that my mom was my mom, my adoption papers, school id, everything possible. Then they checked my belly button to see if it was able to be pierced. They gave me a choice of barbells with jewels in them. I asked if they had any just plain silver barbells, she brought one out for me. They went over how I should clean it about 6 times a day with the salt spray, then wipe around it with a q-tip. And how in the shower, after I am done washing my self and what not, to put the soap on and lather it all around your piercing.

After waiting a couple of minutes, I went into the piercing room. The piercer cleaned my belly button and marked it with a pen that I got to keep. Then I got up and checked the mirror. perfect. I lied back down, and my sisters started recording a movie on my camera. The piercer pinched my belly button and without a clamp, shoved it through my belly button. I felt a sharp pressure-pinch thing. It hurt enough to make me bite down really hard, but it was definately nothing I couldn't handle. Most things you do to yourself, like stubbing your toe, is way worse. I got up and stared at it for about 5 minutes. It was gorgeous. I was in love. I thanked him, then payed and left. After that my belly button was so sore, it was red and oozy and I could barely move. I cleaned it about 5 times a day with salt water, and used medicated soap in the shower.

After about 4 months, I got a huge red lump near the bottom ball. I took my piercing out, cleaned my belly button with soap and salt water, then basically popped that annoying red lump. It oozed that nasty stuff, but after that it got so much better. I left my piercing out that night, and cleaned it really really good and just put it back in the next morning. It's been 6 months now and my piercing is perfectly healed. It couldn't look any better. I went on a cruise this summer, and while I Was in the carribbean I went to a whole bunch of little jewelery shops, and I bought the cutest 14 karat hold barbell with a tiny starfish hanging off the bottom. I've kept this one in for a while, and I've noticed that it made my piercing heal much faster.

If you want a belly button piercing, I really 100% reccommend it. Besides that it's a bitch to heal, it's really cool. And it looks really cute when you're in a bathing suit.
After my older sister saw mine, she wanted one too, so she got it. Unfortunately, she put in a cheap heavy dangling belly button ring, and hers is all infected and gross. It's rejecting and it seems to be pushing the piercing out. If your piercing is new, don't put dangling heavy piercings on it, just stick with cute barbells with one charm on it or so. Give it about 6 months before you put any fancy things on it. Ever since I've gotten my belly button done, I pierced my cartilage myself, just because I needed another piercing, and I'm planning to get my septum done, either by doing it myself or finding a place where I won't need my parental units.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: pleasurable+piercings
Location: new+jersey

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