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My belly button piercing saved my life.

I've had my belly pierced for about 6 years now. When I originally decided to get it done, I didn't really think of any use it may have or even a real reason for getting it other than it was a piercing and I wanted it. I've always taken great care of my piercings because I was afraid of bad scarring or any sort of rejection. This can only mean that I'm one of those people that freaks out at the first sign of redness.

Fast-forward to Thanksgiving morning 2006. As I'm showering I realize a rather large, almost blister like bubble on the top left hole of my belly piercing. This is really strange, I've had this thing forever and it's never given me this much trouble. Feeling rather silly about it being there and noticing that it was very uncomfortable to the touch, I decide to lance it while I'm in the shower. I briefly hop out to grab a new sewing needle from my pack, soak it in alcohol, and jump back in the shower. I turn my back to the shower head, push the jewelry up for maximum visibility and give it a small poke. This small poke causes the entire thing to rupture... squirting a tan like, bloody substance all over me. I figure the bubble must have been internal too because there was far too much puss for it to have just been from what was visible. A little grossed out, I wash off and get out of the shower.

By this time, It looks like I have a large boil crater near my belly button... and despite the fact that by now I'd popped it almost 5 minutes prior, it was still bleeding pretty badly. I grab a small jar and throw some sea-salt and warm water in it, lay on the couch and begin to soak it. I figure 'hey, a few days of this and I'll be just like new'. By the 27th it was almost healed and I went on with my life.

On Novemvber 30th, as I was working, I squeaked between two displays in a hurry to grab something for a customer. Accidentally snagging my belly button on one of the shelves, I notice it hurt much more than usual. I lift up my shirt only to see the same bubble is back with a scab where the old one was above it, but this time it was much bigger. What the hell?! I ask my boss to take care of the customer for me as I run to the bathroom, wash my hand, and move the jewelry out of the way to see it better. Little did I know, the scab from the last was stuck to the jewelry so when I lifted it, the thing exploded. Puss was all over my shirt, the sink, and my face. Even more disgusted than the last time, I washed up, finished my day at work and retired home for more sea-salt soaks.

As I was soaking I remembered that I once (years ago) noticed some redness on my piercings due to a urinary tract infection. Hmmm, I wonder if there's any relation? I promptly call my doctor and make an appointment to stop in for a check up. When I get there, she asks me some questions and hands me a cup. Ten minutes later she comes in reporting that I have to begin taking antibiotics immediately. Why? I asked. 'Because you have the worst bladder infection I've ever personally seen'. *blink blink * But, I feel fine! I'm not sick... nothing.

I return home with my antibiotics and begin taking them. Everything seemed fine, I still had no symptoms of being ill. I carried on cleaning my house, working, and grocery shopping. I even noticed that my belly button seemed happier.

December 3rd, I awoke for work with a headache. I got in the shower and began washing myself... looked down at my belly button and guess what... A new bubble, this time, even bigger than the last. I was worried but had to go to work. I didn't have time to mess with it anymore. I got dressed, went to work and made it through most of my day just fine. Towards the end as we were closing the store, my headache got worse and my stomach started feeling queezy. I figured it was probably because I hadn't eaten all day (I'm hypoglycemic), so I took a quick break and ate some dinner. When I came back, I felt worse and rather faint and fatigued. I carry on with my work for the night until I begin stumbling, at which point my manager notices, and excuses me from the rest of my night at work.

I return home and lay down immediately, forgetting completely about my piercing being mad. I wake up a few hours later feeling a stitch better and decide to sea salt soak my belly since I have to lay down anyway. As soon as I stand up, I fall over. It seemed as though my body was too weak to support it's own weight at this point. Surely enough, I panic and call a loved one to come over and care for me. As soon as they arrive, they are frightened by the lack of color in my skin and rush me to the hospital.

When I get there, they perform blood work and a bunch of tests... asked me if I was on any medications. I replied, yes. I have a rather bad bladder infection and I'm on and antibiotic called ''. The tests come back showing that that my bladder infection went untreated for so long that it spread to other areas of my body. They said had I not been treated when I was that it would have had a chance to spread to my blood stream and I might have died. So, if my damn piercing wouldn't have caused such a ruckus, I would have never known... because I had no symptoms.

It's now December 6th and I'm out of the hospital. I'm medicated, on antibiotics, and fighting what little infection remains in my bladder, stomach, and sinus cavity. I have my belly button piercing to thank for that.

For anyone that said piercings never got you anywhere, I beg to differ. Because if it weren't for mine, I may not be alive today.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Navel Piercing

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