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Got My Belly Button Accomplished

Hi. I'm Gen. I'm 14. And my birthday was in early October...so I haven't been 14 for that time. I'm heavily interested and intrigued by body modifications. I already have a tattoo...my three brothers have tattoos, my oldest sister, and soon to be my other older sister. Obviously I am subjected to them daily. My brother got his tongue and his labret, along with his Self-Done nipples. The first piercing I definitely wanted was my tongue...but my mom wouldn't go for that...even though several times before, she agreed to let me get it done. The only one she would allow was my navel. Hey-It's better than nothing, so I agreed.

After procrastinating for about 4 months....I somehow talked my mom into calling this studio. I found it, and asked about the age limit. Most of the shops I called said you had to be sixteen, which sucked, until I found Ronin's. About a week or two later, I had school off, and I asked my mom to call to see if we would need to make an appointment. They said you didn't need to...because it's a walk-in place. So she said we could go next Tuesday...which was like in three days at the time.

Tuesday FINALLY rolled around, and I managed to keep my mind off of it the whole school day, which still went slow. Just in case, I didn't tell anyone I was getting it done, because I knew my mom would pull something at the last minute. And I learned from past experiences not to get my hopes up, because things that I want to happen, either never happens, or gets delayed. To my amazement, (ya right) my mom didn't want to go because she felt tired. Psh. My heart was set on this for years! This very day! I talked her into going just to get it done and over with, so I wouldn't have to bug her anymore. (At least not for a while...until I get my tongue done.)

On our way there, I was getting nervous, but I was trying to block that out. I asked my mom if she got any kind of medicine to alleviate the pain, and coincidently she did. Heheh. Ronin's was only a few minutes from my house. But I had never been there...or in that particular area because my mom doesn't like to go there. So about 12 minutes later, we were in the general vicinity of the place. I spotted it, and was like, "We should go get chinese afterwards!"...(There was a chinese place two buildings down, & Chinese is my FAVORITE!)

My sister, My mom, and I all went in Ronin's and a guy there asked us what we needed, and he told us it would be a few because he was piercing another girl at the time. We walked into this little 'cove' type thing, and looked at all the pictures of tattoos on the wall. WOW! Alot of the tattoos were SO bad ass! After this other guy left, I went to the place where he was standing, and I found a piercing book. As I was looking at it, The Piercer, Josh, came up and asked me for my ID and whatnot. So after the forms...He asked me to follow him back.

The room was quite small, and nothing like I pictures while reading other experiences on here. The walls were a pretty blue that was bright, and the room had a mini sink, and just enough room for about three people and the bed type thing where you get pierced. Oh, and there was a window, so the people you came with could hold your hand if you wanted, and to watch. So anyway, I picked out my jewelry, and he told me to stand up and not touch my belly after he put the numbing gel on me. After about 2 minutes, he wiped it off, and told me to stand up as straight as possible. He marked me and told me to look. When I showed it to my mom, she made a remark, and he said that I had a lopsided belly button, and that he was trying to make me self conscious. Hehe....Nice way of easing my nerves.

So, I hopped up on the table/bed, laid down, and put my hands to my side with my shirt up. Josh told me not to tense up my stomach, and just relax. My mom said he didn't use clamps, he went from the bottom/inside of my belly button to the top/outside. I cringed before he did anything, and didn't move or cringe at all when he did pierce me. Not painful. Of course my mom and sister said it looked painful. I was so excited!

After we paid him, I still hadn't put my shirt down. He said it was alright to...but I replied "No Thanks." Obviously I did anyway. He explained the basics to me, and gave me a sheet of paper with the aftercare on it. I was good to go. When we left...we got chinese, and it still didn't hurt. There was no need for any pain medication at all, and there still hasn't.

It's been about a month since I got it. No complications, my dad hasn't found out yet, I haven't got it caught on anything, and I can sleep on my stomach. I've been cleaning it with Dial everyday in the shower, and so far, so good. I have yet to change my CBR to something more unique and pretty. Only 2 months to go!

Anybody looking for a private piercing, or a showy piercing that wasn't very painful....Belly button is a good choice! :D Any Questions?....go ahead and email me. Hope this can somewhat help you...... Peace. Gen.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Josh+Melvin
Studio: Ronin%27s+Tattoo+%26+Body+Piercing+Studio
Location: Aurora%2C++IL

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