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For all you wimps out there...just do it!

I am a BIG wimp on pain and would avoid any sort of self-inflicted agony like the plague! But I had been tinkering with the idea of getting my navel pierced for almost a year before I finally took the plunge. More than anything, I was worried about the pain of the piercing. Before this, I only had my earlobes done which doesn't count for much on the piercing pain meter.

But finally I decided to just go for it. A lot of my friends have had piercings done at Paragon in Hawaii by Gus. So I decided to get it done there. I rounded up a bunch of my friends and headed off to the shop one day. Now when you walk into Paragon it smells like a hospital has to be a good thing, right? But the smell made me so nervous. They had a bunch of cases of jewelry and a girl behind the counter with countless holes in her body.

I told her I wanted my navel done and she handed me a release form with all of the legal jargon. I decided to go with a barbell with a dark green stone in it. Now I was getting nervous! I started running my hand up and down my stomach thinking this was the last time I'd be able to do that without getting it caught on a piece of metal. It is an odd feeling waiting to get pierced. Your mind is yelling to flee for the hills but at the same time you can't wait.

Some girls were getting their ears done so I had to wait a while. I looked at the jewelry and started getting excited about switching the barbell to another color in the future. They also had cool flower barbells with the leaves sticking out of the top hole and a flower on the bottom part of the barbell so it looks like you've got a flower sticking out of your stomach. Now that my soon-to-be-hole had options up the road, it started to get more exciting.

Finally it was my turn. Gus had looked at my navel to determine the size of the bar and had everything auto-claved and ready to go. The piercing room looks like a doctors office except that it has cool photographs on the walls and a "piercing place" sort of touch to it. He was very serious about only touching certain areas of the room so I knew he was a biggie on sanitation. I rolled up my shirt and stood up for him so that he could mark the holes on my navel. Then I lay down and waited for the pain.

He put the clamps on which didn't really hurt. It was uncomfortable but nothing terrible at all. The he said to take a deep breath in and to breathe out slowly. It was sort of like, OWW...oww...oww...owww....first a sharp pain, then just a stinging. The pain was NOT horrible, though and I wish I had gotten it done a lot sooner! It started getting a little sore when he was putting in the barbell. I guess all of the motion in the fresh holes can be a little much. He even asked me if I was okay at one point which makes me think that maybe I was holding my breath or something. But it really wasn't that bad. But after what seemed like minutes (I'm sure it was only 5 seconds) he was done putting in the barbell and I got to hop off the table and see my new navel.

I LOVED it! It was so nice! I happily tipped Gus and was on my way out the door. I have to say that the piercing sort of stung for about an hour but it was nothing that I couldn't ignore. Sitting down was a little uncomfortable at first because the barbell gets sort of squished up in your belly button causing sliding and/or pressure on the holes. I cleaned it twice daily with an anti-microbial soap from Gus and did sea salts once a day. For perhaps the first couple of days it was hard to bend over because of the "squish" affect." I'd say that within 4 days I could lie on my stomach and it never gave me much problems pain-wise. It has now been about 7 months and I would not say it has healed completely. Though I have read elsewhere that the navel can take a long time to heal. It certainly doesn't give me trouble, but I still get crusties and some oozing. If I have to sit for long periods of time (say on an airplane) it hurts a little because the crusties dry and th e piercing can't slide around for the "squish" effect. I have cleaned the piercing everyday for the past 7 months with the soap I got from Gus. Now I only do it once a day though when I take a shower. But I am patient and I'm sure that it will heal up sooner or later.

If anyone is thinking of getting this piercing I'd highly recommend it! I have a friend who got a CBR instead of the barbell who had more problems because it would catch on clothing and doesn't lie close to the body like the barbell does. The pain is only for a second and DEFINITELY worth it! If you're in Hawaii I would highly recommend Gus' place. They are cleaner than a doctor's place and the people there are all very friendly and knowledgeable.

Good luck!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2002
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Gus
Studio: Paragon+Piercing
Location: Honolulu%2C+Hawaii

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