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Different than expected!!

ldn't decide. I wanted something pierced so badly, I just didn't know exactly how to go about it, and I knew, I just KNEW in my heart, that my mom would never agree to it. I mean, come on, after all those ear piercings she didn't notice for months, she made me take all but four of those out! I knew if I asked about a new piercing, a body piercing at that, that she'd flip...her...lid. So, the only natural solution came to me one weekend. Don't tell her! So, this is what happened. I've wanted my tongue pierced for about three years and I never considered actually DOING it without permission, until one week in November. But, up until that point, I hadn't known more than one person to succeed in hiding a tongue piercing, and that one person was in college, where her parents couldn't even notice it! I'd called around to a few places by that time, and I had a lot of guts scheduling an appointment for my tongue piercing in Fairfax, VA at Comes a Time. Well, I changed my mind. I felt too guilty. My mom rocks, I couldn't do that after the ear experience. So, I decided to go for something a little more conventional, a little more.. HIDDEN. I decided I'd pierce my bellybutton. School went by REAL slowly that next day, a MONDAY to make it worse. I rushed home to call up Tan-tastic, who I realized would make it MUCH easier to get pierced at vs. Comes a Time because they didn't need my unsuspecting mom to actually come in. All they needed was a "valid" driver's license number and signature. My mom gave me a check that day for a jacket, and so she gave me her driver's license as well. MY LUCKY DAY! I think it was a sign, and, as nervous as I was, cancelled my previous appointment, grabbed my boyfriend, and went out to Manassas. I already had a form filled out because a friend got me a copy. I had the "signature" the "dl #" and the (lucky for me!!) REAL DRIVER'S LICENSE --actually owned by my mother--. I swear a light shone down on me when she gave me that license. Anyways, we got there and I know I seemed a little iffy at the counter, but hey, I had the license. She couldn't doubt me. Besides, even if she'd tried to call my house, I had put down my line on the phone # blank, and her license had our old number. Tough luck! She thanked me for being on time (4:15pm on monday the 29th of nov. to be exact), and told me to pick a ring/barbell/horseshoe out of the case. I chose a 14 ga. silver horseshoe barbell because I'd heard that they heal easier than the rings, which my friends are living proof of. Anyways, she took me back into a tanning bed room (it was a tanning/piercing place) and all the while, I kept asking if it would hurt. She was very calm and kept saying it would only hurt as much as I thought it would. GREAT! But she made me feel much better, she was really nice. She kept saying it wouldn't, so much that I believed her. I stood in front of her, up straight and tall, and she marked about my navel. Then, I laid down on the tanning bed (uncomfortable, to say the least..) and I was SO NERVOUS! My boyfriend kept saying it wouldn't hurt. The piercer kepy saying "breathe". I said I couldn't I didn't want to move my stomach, and as I said that, she clamped my navel. I was busy blabberling about something (adrenaline was getting to me..) when she shoved it through. It was a hot, searing pain for about 25 seconds, and then it was gone. But, she couldn't get my ring throught right away, because the balls on my barbell were bigger than the hold in the clamp, so there was some tugging for about a minute. I just laid there, waiting for the pain I had dreaded earlier, but it never happened! A little blood and tugging, and that was it! She told me afterwards not to use rubbing alcohol or witchhazel, and that Seabreeze astringent works best. I had the blue one at home, so I used that after discovering that the yellow was WAY TOO PAINFUL! She told me to cleanse it 4 times a day, and I did for the first couple weeks. Then, it went down to two, and then one, and so on.. and now I do it a couple times a week, but I clean it with dial soap in the shower. I have had NO infections, and I could sleep in my favored position, on my stomach, within a couple days. It has healed so well, much better than anyone's I've witnessed, so I'm content. I LOVE MY PIERCING! IT IS SO CUTE! MY MOM STILL DOESN'T KNOW, and I can say she won't either. I'm piercing my ears a few more times (with her permission, of course..) and in September my tongue will be pierced because I'll be 18! So, that was my experience!! E-mail me w/ ?'s or comments! Thanks! =)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: The+blonde+lady%21%21
Studio: Tan-tastic
Location: Manassas%2C+Virginia

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