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Spontanious Modification

tfriend Liz and I have always liked to be spontanious. For example...We both had hair almost to our mid back and one day, decided to just go into the hairsalon and cut it all off to our ears. We've always done things that way. Spontanious. So I thought nothing of it when one day, Liz called me up and said "lets go get a peircing!" so she drove over to my house, got me, and we went to get something peirced. We settled on something differant, yet not too noticable...so she got the tongue and I got the navel. We chose Global Chaos because 1) we had friends that had gone there and had been very happy with their peircings 2) it was close to our house 3) we were cheap and they seemed to have the smallest peircing prices...When we got there, we scattered around a bit gawking at the jewelery and people walking out of the backroom with fresh peircings and generally wasting time to settle our nerves, filled out our paper work, chose our jewelry (She chose the 14 gauge rainbow barbell (my happy little lesbian lol and I chose a 16 gauge curved barbell instead of the usual ring because I go to concerts along and I didnt want to risk getting it ripped out 'a NON pleasent feeling Im sure') and once it was our turn, shuffled into the back room to get skewered. This was my first body peircing so I was a bit nervous..I was actually shaking Smiles Chris the peircer (who incedentilly, had no peircings or tattoos, not even his ears, which disturbed me greatly) filled me in on basically what he was going to do, and laid me back in a long chair...he cleaned off the area around my belly button, marked it with a pen, checked it over and over to make sure it was right, and then asked me if I was ready. I bit my lip, held Liz's hand and squeeled "yeessss" and he nodded. "Ok...here we go" he said..and he counted "1...2...3.its in." The feeling of the needle sliding through my flesh was only what I can discribe in terms as "a mild beesting" but it was that moment that I realized what one of my turnons was. The feeling of that cold needle sliding quickly through my flesh was one of the most intense orgasmic feelings Ive ever had...I nearly bit through my lip. I thanked him over and over again, and watched intently as Liz got her peircing done. She prepped for the peircing...she didnt seem quite as nervous as me as she bravely stuck out her tongue and let Chris size it up. After making a couple of marks, he held her clamped tongue, counted to three, and slid the needle through the meat of her tongue. On contact of the needle, she passed out, turned white and stopped breathing. I FREAKED OUT! We fanned her, wiped a cold wash cloth on her forehead and moved her around a bit until she regained concienceness and color...apparently her adrenaline was so high that the release of it once the needle hit just wiped her out. (note since then, shes gotten her labret, lip, nose, ears, and nipples peirced, as well as streched her tongue to a 12 gauge..none of which shes passed out like the did then smiles ) After we were done, we both held hands and skipped out of the store with the biggest smiles of our lives planted firmly across our faces. On the way home, I kept staring at my stomach...admiring my new peice of metal. I had always wanted to get my belly button peirced. Im one for assessory and I have a small, thin stomach, so I constantly wear small shirts that show off my stomach...I wear lots of rings, bracelets, choakers, et. but there always seemed to be something missing in the midsection. Its been almost a year since I got it and Im so happy with it. My barbell has become a nervous plaything for me...when Im nervous, thinking, or just bored, I reach down and twirl and twist and stroke my barbell..I do it subconciously now grins Since then, Ive gotten my cartilage, tongue and eyebrow done. Ive removed the tongue and eyebrow for work, but still enjoy the feeling I get when I feel that needle slide through my skin. Tommorrow I get my nipples done and I cant wait. Im also going to do a fetish peircing for a local fetish show, consisting of a series of rings in the top of my arm going from my wrist to my shoulder, with strings attached to each ring, me sitting on the ground, arms suspended by the rings like a puppet...it's going to be amazing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Dec. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Chris
Studio: Global+Chaos
Location: Houston%2C+TX

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