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freshly pierced 100% Torontonian

having determined to get my navel pierced I began by a year-long nagging at my parents and finally the answer was YES!! So yesterday afternoon, i brought with myself my permission slip, money, water, umbrella (damn it was raining...) and my friends to Urban Primitive for my 4 o'clock appointment. There we waited for abit and i was given some information about the piercing to read about before Maribelle (piercer) greeted us after finishing up her client's session. Before entering the room she asked me to choose my jewellery and I chose a plain banana barbell. First i chose it because i understand it's easier for the piercing to heal with the barbell than with the ring and second, it looks nicer (personally i think so.) so It's worth paying a little more. Before the procedure Maribelle had to call my mom to confirm the permission (I'm 15, you 'll need permission to get anything pierced there if ur under 16), while I stayed in the room with Courtney (maribelle's student)as my friends were just standing by the door. Maribelle explained thoroughly about the aftercare information. I must clean it twice a day, with a sea salt solution (you can get it at Urban Primitive, do not use table salt.) and soak the piercing in the solution for 5 minutes, then wipe clean with a swab. Then apply healing balm (get it at Urban Primitive also)which is like a wax based balm and then i must gently move the barbell up and down to get the balm into the piercing. For the first 4 weeks I shouldn't go to public pools, and I can change my jewellery once it heals completely, at least two months later. After working out or sweating i must clean my piercing, especially when it is still fresh because the piercing reacts to sweat unfortunately. Use a antibacterial soap (non fraganced) and don't lather the piercing until it's healed. So after all that, she began. First, my navel was cleaned, then marked, then i was asked to lie down on the piering chair. It was pretty scary when i was lying there and Courtney was there to let me hold her hand durning the procedure. Honestly i could not see what went on once the chair was flattened out like a bed and elevated, but i could feel it when she put the clamp in. Then she told me to take a deep breath and as i was doing so "Ow.....", breathe out. That was the needle!! "actually it wasn't so bad at all..." i said and everyone was laughing. But seriously it felt like having ur blood taken, except the pain comes from ur navel. Then as the last part of the procedure Maribelle told me to breathe again as she slipped the barbell through and breathe out afterward. and VOILA! that was it. i looked in the mirror and it looked PERFECT! It didn't even bleed! The whole appointment lasted for about twenty minutes, but the actual piercing procedure was actually only 5 minutes, including marking which took up a big part of the procedure. Not everyone's symmetrical u see, the piercer must make sure the marking lines with the center of ur navel. The piercing procedure was fast and easy, and most of all virtually painless. Well i shouldn't say painless, but it was nothing, compared to a hard punch in the stomach. To me, it was like a breeze considering all the stories i have heard. My friend's cousin's navel was infected after a week of her piercing, but hers was always bleeding slightly and it was done like 5 years ago (so methods could be different). This girl i know she had hers done at a small studio and was bleeding a bit during the prodedure. Mine didn't bleed AT ALL. at least up till now. Email me if you want to find out how my piercing 's doing. So after I paid and said good bye, my friends and I were walking and all excited and all (mind u that was in the rain) and i was just so fascinated how it was so much more painless than what i had expected. The whole night I was walking and stretching and touching my toes and crouching and it didn't hurt a bit, except when i laughed realy hard. so it's been 28 hours since my navel experience, and it only felt a bit soar after all that sitting the nite before (we went to a taping of Jonovision. Horrible. 4 hours of waiting + boredom) and no bleeding, no redness. Absolutely amazing. i LOVE it! SUGGESTION from my expericence and from what i have learned from reading others: sleep well the night before, and eat a good meal ( but not too full) prior to the appointment. Don't panic. STAY CALM!! Bring someone with you. Be sure that you know what you're doing. Don't regret. It's a COMMITTMENT. One thing i know i'm never taking this thing out. Check out www.urbanprimitive.com and read about their info on their European piercing method (which reduces pain in piercing procedure) and their pricing and other tattoo and piercing information. ~Tiff November 27th, 1999.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Dec. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Maribelle
Studio: Urban+Primitive
Location: 216+Carlton+%28Carlton+and+Parliament%29

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