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Pierced in the nude

piercing is an expression of iconoclasm and sexuality. It is about experiencing pain in the pursuit of pleasure, the pleasure of self-expression. Mingling pleasure and pain is erotic for me, and so when I decided about four years ago to get pierced, I really wanted it to be an event that matched my feelings on piercing. I wanted the experience to have some element of eroticism. My girlfriend and I made a trip to New Orleans. We found a neat studio on an avenue off Bourbon Street with a cool woman named Patti who was the body piercing artist. I explained to her a little bit of what I was looking for, and I told her we are pagan nudists and that for us, getting pierced would be an experience both sacred and profane. Would she mind, I asked, if we got naked for the piercings. Her response was very nonchalant: No, that wouldn't be a problem. I was glad she was so cool with this. Even though we are very comfortable with our nudism and views on piercing, we were worried she might not share our enthusiasm. So as this artist, Patti, prepared the autoclave and jewelry, my girlfriend and I removed our shirts, shoes, socks, and jeans. She took off her bra, and then we were both left in just our underpants. We hesitated a bit as Patti came back over from the autoclave. We were probably wondering what on earth we had gotten ourselves into. My girlfriend was the more assertive one and peeled off her panties. I had a bit of an erection underneath my Calvins, which I was slightly self-conscious of, but despite this I stepped out of them. Meanwhile, Patti was totally cool, asking which one of us wanted to go first, seeming not to even notice my semi-erect state. I appreciated her casual attitude about it all, since nudity is not a big deal to me. Still, I am not among those nudists who claim being naked is inherently non-sexual. How could it not be sexual when your sexual organs are staring somebody in the face? And so I did feel sexually energized when I saw Patti very discreetly checking out my package and eying my girlfriend's breasts and pussy. I was also a bit conscious of the fact that my girlfriend and I had shaved one another's pubic hair the night before. It was odd enough looking down at my cock denuded and totally naked, the same with my girlfriend's smooth mons, but to have a complete stranger staring at our rather kinkily de-haired privates, was something that made me feel a bit strange. I guess it was the unusualness of it all, but my penis grew to full erection, staring straight up to the ceiling and throbbing. I tried to play it off and act like I didn't even notice it. My girlfriend gave me a wicked stare. I wondered whether she was turned on by being naked in front of another girl. I suspected she was, but with a girl arousal is less obvious, of course. I couldn't tell just from looking at her if her pussy was wet or not. Patti sat down and gestured to both of us, pointing toward the reclining medical-type chair. My girlfriend was feeling courageous, so she went first, and I held her hand as the searing pain went through her navel. She handled it well, saying it wasn't as bad as she'd thought it would be. I was next. My girlfriend took some photos as Patti readied my navel for piercing. The pain was greater than I'd expected, lasting about 5 or 6 seconds at its most intense. If it had lasted longer, I suspect I would have probably passed out. Luckily I did not. After my jewelry was in I asked Patti whether she thought my frenum might be a good candidate for piercing. I had seen a couple frenum piercings and was very intrigued by them. She examined my penis, bunching up the skin on the underside, remarking that a frenum would work just great on me. It felt somewhat kinky to me, having a sort of butch woman evaluating my cock with such clinical concentration, and despite myself I got turned on. Still, Patti remained nothing but professional. I decided, however, that one piercing was enough for one day, and my girlfriend and I put on our clothes, paid, and walked back onto the streets of the Viex Carre, feeling subtly different. We felt physically and emotionally different: physically because we had these really sexy rings in our navels; emotionally because we felt we had done something outside our "comfort zones," outside the normal realm of polite experience. We are planning to get more piercings soon, maybe a nipple for my girlfriend and a cartiledge for me. I'll write about our further adventures once they happen!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Patti
Studio: can%27t+remember+exact+name
Location: New+Orleans

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