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Missy Finally Gets A Navel Ring

rcing experiences start at the young age of 7. My father had been strictly against the idea of me getting my ears pierced, but my mother finally talked him into it. She took me to a local store that had a "fine jewelry department," and the worker pierced my ears. It must have been painless because I don't even remember it. I also had my ears pierced for the second time when I was 7. For some reason, at the age of 12 I just needed to have a third set of holes in my ears. This then led to a cartilage piercing in my left ear. I kept getting my ears pierced until I had a total of nine holes in each ear. My dad was not crazy about this, but it got to a point where he did not even notice my new piercings. Eventually, I had the desire to get a piercing in a place other than my ears. I decided on my belly button because I loved the way it looked, and I also thought I had a very cute stomach. I asked my father about it and he said no. I kept insisting, but his answer never changed. In October of 1998, my friend got her navel pierced. I showed it to my mother, and she loved the way it looked. I begged her to let me get my navel pierced, and she actually agreed. She said that I was a good kid for the most part, and I always did good in school. She felt that there was nothing wrong with me having a navel ring. In fact, she thought they were cute. My mom called a piercing placed called Skin Flix, but they informed her that they would not pierce anyone who was under the age of 16. I was 15 at the time, so that was a problem. I decided to go to Showtime Tattooing because they did a great job on my friend's navel, and they are also very sterile. My mother called Showtime, and they said that they would pierce a minor with parental consent. She made me an appointment on October 31, 1998. I was incredibly excited the entire week before my piercing! I couldn't wait! When I showered the night before, I took extra care to make sure my navel was very clean. I woke up on October 31 with an intense feeling of anticipation. I also wore pants that would not irritate my navel. My mom told my dad that she was taking me shopping in Whitehall. She planned on telling my father about the piercing after it was healed. My mother and I embarked on the 45 minute drive to Showtime Tattooing. Surprisingly, I was not a bit nervous. I was not worried about the pain factor since I have a very high pain tolerance. We arrived at Showtime a little late for my appointment. The piercer had left because he thought we wouldn't show up. The owner of the shop paged him, and told us the piercer would be back in about 15 minutes. In that time, my mother asked the owner tons of questions. The main concern was the sterility factor. We were assured that all tools and jewelry were placed in an autoclave, and also that needles were used once and then disposed of. This really eased my mind. The owner made a copy of my mother's driver's license. He also made her sign some forms. I could tell that my mother was a little nervous. I was just incredibly anxious. After what seemed like an eternity to me, the piercer showed up. He took me into a little room that was separated from the rest of the shop. I asked him if I was allowed to pick out my jewelry, and he told me that the standard for navel piercings was a 14 gauge captive bead ring. He then cleaned my navel with alcohol and marked the spot where he would pierce me with a marker. He asked me if I liked the placement, and I said yes. It was perfectly centered. A clamp was then placed on my navel, which felt a little odd. Some people say it hurts, but I didn't think so. He told me to sit down in the chair while holding the clamp. I could let the clamp go once I was sitting. The chair looked something like the ones found in a dentist's office.
I was in a horizontal position with a clamp on my navel. I was very excited. The piercer then put on plastic gloves and prepared the needle and the captive bead ring. The needle was surprisingly large. This did not bother me, since I am not afraid of needles. I was rather anxious. It was finally time for my piercing! The piercer told me to count to three, but I didn't listen. Truthfully, I thought I was too "tough" to do that. I thought he would just pierce me, but no--instead he told me to count to three again. This time I listened. I felt a quick pinch. The needle had gone through my navel, followed by the ring. I was amazed that the piercing went so quick! It didn't hurt a bit. In fact, I actually enjoyed it. It was now time to place the bead on the ring. I requested a bright blue bead instead of the standard black bead. I always have to be different. The piercer placed the tiny blue bead on the ring, and then used pliers to close the ring. I asked the piercer if he was finished, and he said yes. I was amazed that it all went so quickly. The preparation prior to the piercing took longer than the piercing itself. I gazed down at my navel, and I could not believe how wonderful it looked! I was so happy with my new piercing! The piercer then told me how to take care of my piercing. He told me to clean it with Bactine two or three times a day and then rotate the ring to get rid of any crusties. He also told me to rinse the piercing with a salt water solution twice a week to fight infection. I thanked the piercer, and my mother paid him the $45 we owed him for the piercing. I was afaid that my piercing would bleed on the way home, but it didn't. I could not take my eyes off my new piercing. It just looked so cute. I promised myself that I would take good care of my piercing. I kept this promise religiously. For the first few weeks, my piercing was a little crusty and pussy. But that is only normal. I just took good care of it, and that all cleared up. Eventually, my piercing healed beautifully. I received tons of compliments on it. The most troublesome experience I had with my navel piercing happened about a year later, in October 1999. I was sitting in school one day, and I noticed that the bead had fallen off of my ring! I did not know what to do, so I went to the nurse's office and got a band-aid. I placed the band-aid over my navel so the ring would not fall out. When I returned home that day, I begged my mom to take me to Wal-mart to buy some new beads. She agreed, but I discoved that the beads would not fit on the ring. I decided to use pliers to close the ring until I could get a replacement. I called Showtime Tattooing and explained my situation to them. The owner informed me that they would change my ring for free as long as I bought the jewelry there. The next day, my mom told my dad that she needed to take me shopping again. We arrived at Showtime around noon. I looked at all the jewelry, and I could not decide between a cute niobium ring or a jewelled barbell. Eventually, I chose the red jewelled barbell. My mom paid the owner $25 for the barbell. The owner then took me into the same room where I got my navel pierced. He put some Vaseline on my navel and used pliers to open the ring. I was amazed when he took the ring out because I had expected the hole to be smaller. He then placed the barbell in my navel and screwed the ball on the top. This whole experience was painless. The new barbell made me love my piercing even more. I showed the jewel off to everyone I knew, except for my father. He still doesn't know about my navel piercing. I suppose what he doesn't know won't hurt him. And besides, he'll find out eventually--maybe when I graduate from high school. A year later, I am still in love with my navel piercing. I show it off constantly. This is a piercing I would recommend to anyone that is considering it. It does not hurt a bit, and it looks very sexy. If anyone has any questions regarding navel piercing, feel free to email me. Remember--you only live once, so have some fun with your body while you're still alive!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Unknown
Studio: Showtime+Tattooing
Location: Whitehall%2C+PA

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