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Team Spirit ? .

y name is nick and want to tell you kinda a crazy story about me and some of my friends back in high school and how it has come back to affect me today. Its has two parts, the first time and the second time. First back in high school all the cross country runners where going to do a joint venture. Something that would set us apart from everyone else. Our team was very close net of friends. Since we had been practicing for 2 years during cross country and track season almost nonstop all school year, but we had our own little nich. We cross country runners know as three muskeeters, even though their where seven of us hard core friends. So Ashley decided we all should get our navels pierced, but the catch was someone on the team had to do it. Also the pin we used had to come from the pin that holds your number on your shirt. We all placed that race so that ment alot to all of us. That night me and casey when over to his house and got some ice. I wasn't about to let casey do it. So me and casey said screw that, If we are going to do this we gonna do it to ourselves way before I let anyone else do it. So the next practice, which we never wore shirts and most of the girls wore cutoffs with sports bras because it was so hot outside and the average run was 3-4 miles. All seven of us found out who the true members of the team where, 3 of the girls of 5 did it and me and casey did it. You should have seen the coaches face! He got a kick out of it and said that we would all be in the hospital together with infection. Eveyone used the saftypins the girls had the used the ones from the race, which kinda surpriced me. Well that weakend we all went to the mall to figure out what should be our permenent replacement for the saftypins. We all got the same hoop it was a small hoop I cant remeber what it was made of, but it was kind of expensive. Then again that was the first a hoop I had purchased. So we all we into out respective restrooms to put the hoop in. I must have tried for aleast 5 mintues, while casey said screw it. He was gonna wait until he got home before he switched. After that I just tried to slam the hoop into the hole. And the hole broke, and the skin split in two. Dam I said we both started laffing our butts off. So we met back with the girls who had thier hoops in and I showed them what happend to me and casey said he was gonna wait till he could use some ice. They called us some names and we laffed over it while me and casey think they had theirs done professionally. After that casey said screw it since I wasn't planing on doing it again for a while. The school year ened I graduated and went to USL and Casey I have not seen since them. The girls where a year behind us, so I only know about ashley. Since then the group has broken up and gone to different colleges. Now this past night I just wanted to try it one more time. Some reason I like the idea of a saftypin in my navel, guess I'm just a freak at heart. So Tonight instead of researching the correct procedure or just waiting until tomorrow to go to a tatoo shop and have it done. I just grabed a little coke and ice and shoved that sucker in. Now I guess I gonna have to go to the store to get a differnet type of pin, I dont think this pin is going to safe, Nor what I did. So thats my crazy experince, and one last thing, I used the same pin as the one that broke through the my skin 4 years ago. Guess I have a death wish , but heck I love a evil looking pin. As far as I know ashley still has hers from way back when, lost touch with casey and the rest of the girls. I cant wait to show it off next summer, but even before that I'm taking a cruise to mexico, so I might get to show it off there. I feel that the experience makes me more knowledge able about pain and I feal more at peace, since I finally fulfilled my promise. I DONT RECOMMEND ANYONE EVER DOING IT THEMSELVES! Nick feal free to email me for pics of it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: self
Studio: dont+ask
Location: south+louisiana

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