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Essential Oils and Keloids

I had found this page BEFORE I got peirced, but unfortunately I found it AFTER I had my navel pierced. I have a tattoo, and I was VERY VERY cautious about where I went, I even took my friend (who is a lab tech.) so she could verify that the tattoo place was very very clean (it was). Anyways, I decided that I wanted a peircing, but because of my career,(I'm in Occupational Health and Safety....for you americans, think OSHA) I could not have the tongue ring I wanted (that wouldn't look very for a 'safety' person to have, don't you think?) I decided to just play it safe and go with the navel ring. I'm 23, and I thought I was smart, but DUH! I felt kinda dumb AFTER I got the navel pierce. The damn bag (being polite here) ended up peircing me THREE times before she finally got it right. After the second time, she looked at me and said if I don't get it this time I'm giving up. I almost grabbed her by the lapels of her shirt and said "FCK you BTCH, you're going to get this done". Anyways,I felt SO dumb for not researching it right, since I did so much researching for my tattoo. Anyway, she did not do any of the proper procedures for the sterilization of the ring, AND she put in a barbell. I find out later, that I should have had a CBR (and I know from reading everyone elses stories, that some people can be peirced and do fine with a barbell, but not this chickie). So I decided to go to a different place to get it changed. The girl there, Carla (funny coincidence) her name was, it was at "the EYE of the NEEDLE" in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA. She RAWKED...she took my barbell out and put in a CBR without hurting me one bit, but she was not impressed with the infectional (we'll leave it at that) look of my navel, and ordered a soak once a night in epson salts and neutrogena soap to clean it. SO I do, and a flippin' keloid turns up! I find out it's probably from having that barbell in there. ANYWAY the point of my story IS! to give information about how AWESOME essential oils are on these things. My sister is a massage therapist, and uses essential oils on her clients. She hooked me up with some tea tree for the infection. I put it on a Qtip and just touched the top of the CBR and the bottom, then used the Qtip to move the ring through my navel. Point is that I did not touch my ring with my fingers. After the infection was gone (it turns up once in a while for a day or two, usually during that time of the month) I developed that keloid I mentioned earlier. I showed it to my sister again, and she handed over some sandlewood, and I'm telling you, THAT works! It took the keloid on the top away, after about 3 weeks of treatment. Although, I know I still have one on the bottom (in the belly button) of the ring, but no one can see that one, so I'm not sure I am going to worry about it. I just wrote this story, so others out there with keloids could get some information. When I was having my first trouble, I read through all the stories on BME, and could only find one story for Keloids, which made me wonder. But if any of you are wondering what a keloid is, it's a type of scar tissue, if you have a scar on your body (everyone does) check it out, if it is uplifted, that is a 'keloid'. so it's how you scar, and no one can tell you exactly how you will scar, you'll just have to look after it or take the jewerly out and hope for the best. Which is silly since you spent the money in the first place, might as well try to fix it and enjoy it. Just a hint though, the body shop essential oils, are SHIT! Don't use those ones they aren't very pure and will probably just give you an infection (if you don't have one already) or make your infection worse. Best bet is to find a couple of people who use essential oils on a regular basis, and get some advice from them. Oh, and in case your wondering, essential oils are not just for smelling, they ALL have healing properties, how the heck do you think we healed ourselves BEFORE doctors came along. And perhaps, if you're anything like me, you'll get addicted to aromatherapy, and start using them for everything. Lavender is awesome for relaxation, put some in your bathtub when you have your next soak. Take Care Carla


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: a+bitch
Studio: Changes
Location: Saskatoon%2C+SK+CANADA

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