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Cali girl pierced at 14!

e it goes....after 3 years of begging my parents finally gave in i was so happy i couldnt belive it! all that begging finaly payed off!!!this is what i went though to find a place: When my parents told me that i could get my navel for my 15th birthday i was so happy but now i had to find a place that would pierce me (becuase i am only 14)and you legaly have to be 16 or they wont touch you.... where i live we have two piercing places one has a bad reputation and the other wont touch you until you are 16 with a parent so i couldnt get it done in town. the day that i got it done i called the place they said that they will pierce anyone that is 14 and older...well by that time i was as happy as a person could possably be.so i draged my mom and boyfriend to pismo. I was so excited and so fearfull. When we got there i told the lady what i was there for and she told me to sign papers and and me and my mom had to have two forms of ID. We where standing there waiting looking at the tatoo pictures while we wait. Finaly it was time to do this! i was so pumped up me and my boyfriend went back to the other room and i was standing there waiting to see what she wanted me to do while my boyfriend sat down in the chair that was in the corner. the lady told me to lift up my shirt becuase she has to clean my navel and let it dry while i pick out a ball to put on my hoop. i picked out a little silverish blackish beat that looks cool. they were really clean there the lady even though she had gloves on when she put the box's back she used a paper towel to pick up the box with. it made my fell really comfortable. she told me to stand strait and dont move while she marked where she was going to pierce. then she told me to lay down and i watched her put the clamp on that put alot! of pressure on my navel. i layed back and close my eyes and she said "ok your going to feel pressure now!" and the needle went though it felt like some one was pinching my navel for and slit second (but belive me you can feel it!).she told me to stay still becuase the needle is still in me well me and my bravory while my boyfriend is over in the cornor telling me not to look of corse i look it was so cool i was like oh my god i have a frikin needle in my stomach! and i was bleeding on top of that! i layed back down and she put the ring in an dwiped away the rest of the blood and that was it i was done. When i got in the car to leave i was so scared to bend that i had a hard time getting in the car and everyone looked at me funny. its was still kinda bleeding so my mom stoped off and got some cleanex for me to wipe it away with. when i got back home my dad was gone he was really against it anyways but my mom said it was ok while me and my mom and my boyfriend where waiting for my dad we started putting up the halloween decorations and i hit my new piercing with a decoration and i thought i was going to go through the roof because it hurt so bad!! halloween night it kinda hurt too it was really sore! i went back to school on monday and showed every one! what i did it was cool becuase you get a lot of attention from something like this... if you are thinking about getting it done do it!!! i love mine its so cool to show off!and the really cool part about it is if you like to wear short shirts but your parents wont let you or something like that when you get your navel pierced you kinda have to wear short shirts for a while so you dont irritate it. Also if you are thinking about it you should read up on it like i did i like lived by BME for 3 years they are the one that in spired me to get it done. my next piercing is my tounge i cant wait! ~~Kendra~~ P.S. If you have any questions E-mail me! thanks BME and all the writters if it wasnt for you i wouldnt of even got it done!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jennifer
Studio: Body+Adornments
Location: pismo+beach

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