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Me and my BeLLy

been begging my mother for months to let me get my tongue or belly button pierced. One day, my brother streaked his hair. My mother told me I could dye my hair (which I was already doing myself) professionally. I said I did not want that and she just asked if there was anything else she could let me do. I asked about my tongue and she said there was no way she would ever let me do that. Then I asked about my belly button, after many moments of anticipation, she finally gave in! For a little over three weeks, I nagged my mother to bring me. My brother heard about this place from a few different friends, The Black Sun (which is supposedly the one of the best places in Montreal and has a separate place for tattoos), and so we checked into it. My mother called and found out we needed an appointment and got one for me for the week after. That day, I was so scared, yet more excited than anything. I bugged all my friends. When we got there, they were so nice. I had to wait in the waiting room and I signed a paper saying I knew what I was doing and my mother signed it also (because I needed an adult). They also gave me a "How to Care..." paper. After about 20 minutes, they finally called me into the piercing room and told me I could bring a friend if I wanted to. My best friend came in, so did my mother and brothers girlfriend (just to see the cleaning processes). My brother's girlfriend has her belly button pierced, and it is infected. She asked the guy who was piercing my belly button what she could do. He told her to try cleaning it with sea salt and bexadin, if that did not work, she would have to get it re-done. First he put a plastic glove on. Then he showed my mother and I the needle, still in the package. I thought the needle would have been bigger than it was. He dropped the needle into a cup full of some liquid and let me choose the ring or the barbell (I chose the second smallest ring they had. He said it was a good choice), he took the ring and dropped it into the same cup of liquid with the needle. He told me to choose a bead and I chose a little blue dice. I had to stand up and he cleaned out my belly button, he had some kind of cloth, and some liquid on it. It felt really strange having someone clean my belly button. He took a red pen and had to mark off where he was going to pierce. That took a few minutes. Then he showed me the clamp. It looked like a pair of scissors with no sharp end. Instead it was flat and it had these holes going through it, so the needle could go through that. He told me he had to put it on tight and that it might hurt. It didn't at all. Surprisingly, it actually felt really good! I had to hold the clamp myself, with some type of tissue in-between my fingers and the clamp, and lay down. When I did, he took the needle and told me to let go of the clamp. I grabbed my friend's hand. My mother and brother's girlfriend were still in the room! He told me that I was going to feel a little bit of a pinch and then it would be over. I closed my eyes tight and felt the needle going through. It felt more like a burning sensation than anything. I kind of sat up and looked at it. It was so weird, seeing a needle through my navel. It was pretty freaky. He came back and told me to lie back, and that he was going to put the ring in, he also said that might hurt a little bit. There was a whole in the needle lengthwise, so I'm guessing he put an opening of the ring in the whole and pulled the needle out and the ring in. He then put the dice in-between the opening and closed the opening to fit around the dice. I was so excited I had actually gone through with the piercing and I did not feel dizzy or anything! I actually wanted to watch everything, that's why I'm going with my friend when she gets her belly button pierced. It did sting a bit after and my friend almost fainted when I got it done, but that was it. I love having my belly button pierced. Next thing I have to work on is my tongue ... ;o)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: n%2Fa
Studio: The+Black+Sun
Location: Montreal%2C+Quebec%2C+Canada

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