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That damn scar

s how my story begins. Once upon a midnight dreary...nah, I'm not going to start writing Poe for you. :) I was 13, when I first got the idea to have a navel ring. Of course, since you had to be 16 or 19 (depending on the piercing place), I had to beg my mom for permission. After months of pleading, she caved. We first went to a place in downtown Vancouver, which will remain nameless. All I will say is that piercing was not their specialty. Here's a hint for you prospective piercees...DON'T go to a place that says that the ring is free with the purchase of the piercing. That usually means that the ring is worth about 2 cents, so you're really paying for the service. It was a titanium ring, which isn't necessarily the best ring to use for a fresh piercing. Of course, the piercer never told me that. I wasn't really freaked at all, I'm not afraid of needles; I'm a type one Diabetic, I see them twice a day. Since I am a Diabetic, I do reject metals more easily than a healthy person. Maybe Titanium would work for you, but it didn't for me. The best metal I recommend is Stainless Steel. If you can afford it, and you like the colour, go and get a 10k gold one. Anyway, it went well, until it started to heal. One day, 6 months later, I thought that I was all healed up, so I thought I'd take the ring out to sleep. BIG mistake!!! Thank goodness the hole was still there, but barely. It was getting irratated, a LOT, and one day in my French 9 class, I was playing with the big bubble on my upper navel. And then it burst. Yummy. That was awkward, asking my friend to get me a paper towel because my navel is pussing. After that, I waited for it to heal over. Of course, it looked really dumb to have this scar where the navel ring had been. I kept begging my mom "Oh PULLLLLEEEASE!". Since she's very, not old-fashioned, but she fears what she does not know (like a LOT of people!), she said no. She thought it would end up exactly like it was last time.
You do have to make a commitment to yourself to take care of the piercing while it's healing. You have to clean it throughly at least twice a day with an anti-bacterial soap. If you use a bar soap, don't use one that you use on all your other body parts. EEEWWW!!! And even now and then, take an epson-salts bath for around half an hour. It won't really do a WHOLE lot to the naked eye, but it will relax it. If your navel looks all angry and looks as if it's about to pump a dozen rounds into the rest of your body, take the bath! Finally, when I hit 16, and had the money, I went to a place called NEXT!, about a block away from the first place that I went to. They seemed a lot more reputable; I had heard good things from friends who had gotten pierced there. They were very comforting, which I now realize is more like "smooth". They told me straight out that I would need to pay for the ring, as well as the service. They told me "that's what quality piercing is". And then the piercer told me that out of 30 years of piercing, he's only had 7 infections. Of course, those are maybe the only people that went back to him and complained. It hurt a little bit, only because he had hit the original scar tissue with his needle. So, he moved a bit downward. The thing I liked the most about the place I went to, was that they pierce people in groups. And you have to listen through a 45-minute "lecture" on how to take care of it while it's healing, before you get pierced. The other girl in the room was getting her tongue pierced, which was interesting to watch; just like she watched mine. The group thing creates kind of a "support group" thing. Which works well. Now, it's nearly a year later, and I love my navel ring. The only problem I've had with it, is that once it healed, I had quite a bit of excess scar tissue, which looked like a giant bubble (once again). But this one, you couldn't pop, it was solid. So, I went to my dermatologist, and he gave me a shot of something or other, to shrink the scar tissue. After about 3 treatments, it finally went down. I wear a stainless steel 14g pink jewelled curved barbell. I wanted white jewel at first, but they were out. I think I like it better this way anyway, the pink compliments my olive skin tone. :) Hope you all enjoyed my story. I will put up a pic as soon as I can get one done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Location: Vancouver%2C+BC%2C+Canada

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