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Now I want the bottom done!

wanted my navel pierced for quite a while but never thought I would have it done because of the pain factor. I used to skive off school when there was injections as i HATED them. I used to cry just thinking of needles. Then when my friend had it done I was gutted. She had always said she would never get it done because it looks stupid. I thought she just got it done to spite me. Later I found out she only got it done because her boyfriend liked it. Anyway............. I thought if my wimp of a mate had it done so could I. She said that when she had her lobes pierced it hurt and when I asked her if her belly button piercing hurt she said no so I was GOING TO GET IT DONE FOR SURE!!!! I knew this other girl that wanted it done so we arranged a date to get it done. I told my mum and she didn't care but she said i shouldn't tell my dad. He didn't even like me getting my ears pierced. He doesn't like piercing you see so me and my mum decided it should be my secret. It was now the date me and my friend Michelle had set. As we were only 14 we needed an adult with us so Michelles dad said he would take us. he picked me up that saturday and we went to a place called 'Skin Obsession' We waited half an hour as this bloke was having a tattoo. We were ready when the tattooist said that the piercing guy had to collect his son from prison so he asked us if we could come back in half an hour so we went to find another place. I really didn't want it done in here I thought to myself so I said to Michelle dad if we could go somewhere else. I then thought of the place where my other friend had it done which was just around the corner. Michelles dad kept on reminding us that it would hurt which didn't help as I was quite scared. We went to the other place that was aroung the corner. It was twice as bi as the other place with about 10 times more people in. Michelles dad went up to the reception place and said we wanted our navels pierced. The man asked us to fill in forms so we did. He took our money and gave us ice packs to hold up against our belly buttons. That was the most painfull bit as my stomach was freezing and the ice was sticking to it. After about 5 mins of doing that the lady called us in. Michelle let me go first as I was shaking. She led me into this small room. I asked her questions like 'Are you going to use a clamp (a good piercer will answer ALL your questions so don't be afraid to ask) The lady answeres all my questions with ease. She marked the spot with a pen and sat me down. Well I lyed done. I covered my eyes. i didn't look at all. I could feel her putting the clamp on and then I felt a sharp pain for only less than a second but it didn't hurt. I also felt her put the ring through as it dugged. After i found out it dugged because her gloves got caught ! It was over. i was so happy but she put dressing over so i didn't look at it for about half an hour. It hurt a wee bit after wards. i couln't bend. i had an embarrising insident in the super market but that is a different story! I have had my belly button pierced for about 7 months now. I have had a bar it it but I found a really cool ring that i now have it it. I'm not scared of needles now but I have to admit i still go funny when people talk about injections. Everyone (well almost) has their Navel's pierced now. I like to try to be different and I was trying to think of piercings that NOBODY had it our year that i liked but it was difficult to think of a piercing no-one has as in our year people have their TOUNGE, NOSE, NAVEL, CLIT, NIPPLE, etc.... so i then thought of having me navel pierced again as everyone just has it done once so I am going to get the bottom of my navel pierced. I looke it up on BME mult navel piercing and I saw a cool photo of this girl that had it done with a bar and a ring so that's what I want. I'm getting it pierced with a ring at the bottom in a month. I am going to have a bar at the top. It looks wicked together as I but a bar up against my ring and I was pleased. I just hope it is as pain free as free as last time. If anyone has it done out there let me know!! And also i hope no-one gets it done. well...at least for a while. If you have any questions e-mail me and I will try to help. Thanx for reading and If you want your navel pierced GO FOR IT! I am such a wimp so if I can have to done anyone can have anything done! it's over in a second and it looks great so ENJOY!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: A+very+nice+lady
Studio: Ians+tattooing
Location: Reading%2C+England

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